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Buy flood insurance that is too late – Noah knew

When did Noah build the ark? Well before the flood, yes, and it was his insurance to save all the generations of the whole earth, as the story goes. Likewise, when you buy flood insurance before the flood. You can’t just watch the news and see that a big storm is coming here, or a hurricane is hitting the shore near you, or maybe four hurricanes are standing behind you and you’re next Or tax Mississippi – it doesn’t work that way – no matter how hard you try.

Furthermore, in some areas it is impossible to get flood insurance because no one is offering it. And the Federal Flood Insurance Program, if you’re involved, can be very expensive, so you may want to check out the Federal National Insurance Flood Program website.

In Los Angeles, Channel 7 ABC News issued a news alert on May 14, 2011, entitled The Story “Mississippi River Flood Gate Opens – Morganza Spillway opens for first time since 1973 to end Mississippi River swelling” and article and news class report

For the first time in nearly four decades, a ten-ton steel emergency flood gate has been opened to end the Mississippi River’s swelling. When the Morganza spillway opens, it could damage about 25,000 people and 11,000 structures. 3,000 square miles, and in some areas the water level can hold the ground 25 feet below the surface. “

Really, within a few hours the news hit every major news station, but guess what? If the government opens the floodgates and deliberately allows an area to flood an entire city to save an entire city under the river, or in this case avoids a major levy violation – flood insurance There are usually clauses in the agreement that have declared the flood insurance company null and void. Responsibilities for paying flood claims on your home or business.

At this point, FEMA may offer temporary housing, money, or a low-cost loan to help people in the area get back on their feet. Of course, this is not like flood insurance. Remember that you need to get fully insured before the rainy season, because once it starts you will not be able to get coverage on time. In fact, I hope you will consider and consider all of them.

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