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Live a long life and enjoy the fragrance – hydrogen sulfide option

Hydrogen sulfide is widely considered to be a toxic gas, and is also called exhaust gas because it is formed from decaying organic matter. So we find it in gutter plants, swamp gas (swamp gas) and even in the human body because it breaks down different types of food. The gas has no color, but the boys smell it all at once. Okay, let’s talk, because there’s talk now that it has a whole bunch of positive features, especially when it comes to human health.

There was an interesting article in Medical Express Online Research News entitled. “Hydrogen Sulfide: The Next Anti-Aging Agent?” Published on January 29.

According to the report, “The gene, Clutho, which appears to be uprooted by hydrogen sulfide, is thought to extend life through various pathways, some of which produce endogenous antioxidants. Promotes that, according to the report, it contains direct angiotensin, which is produced in the kidneys. Reduces. “

It also lowers high blood pressure in H2S mice, helps with neurological health, prevents Alzheimer’s, prevents heart disease, and is not considered an aging supplement. Then, there’s a YouTube video titled “Hydrogen Sulfide: The Next Anti-Aging Agent?” And after reading this, I want to ask you, does this mean that you should live through a sewer treatment plant, deal with odors and enjoy a longer and more productive healthy life? I mean, if this research is accurate, it will make sense.

While, too much H2S can kill you, it seems a bit like this research and similar research at least estimates the miraculous properties. This could mean that a land that is like a greenhouse will produce more hydrogen sulfide, which means that humans will live longer and healthier. It may also help to explain some of the centuries in Louisiana because there is a lot of swamp gas, see this point?

Hydrogen sulfide is also called hybridizing gas, because it puts organisms in a very slow state. This puts most mammals to sleep, in very deep sleep, often reducing their normal energy use by up to 10%, including heart rate. It has been suggested that the gas could be used to hibernate distant astronauts, or to put the enemy to sleep on the battlefield. The human body can gradually improve its life span and health, especially during sleep. Maybe the people who live under NYC in gutter pipes are the smartest? Well, maybe not, but it’s an interesting concept no doubt. Please consider all of this and consider it.

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