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YouTube runs fast – how to load YouTube videos faster in the fastest time

If you are one of the unfortunate computer users who experience slow YouTube videos, then there are many possible reasons that will keep your system from running smoothly. These problems will include everything from your computer’s “web browser” to your computer’s configuration not working properly, which will be used to run it. This tutorial shows you the best way to improve the speed of YouTube videos on your system.

How to make YouTube videos faster

1) Reinstall your web browser

First you need to reinstall the web browser on which you are trying to watch the videos. One of the biggest problems for YouTube videos will be with the original web application that your computer is using to load YouTube. This browser constantly breaks down or crashes – which can prevent your system from running smoothly. To solve this problem, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

– Click “Start”

– Click “Control Panel”

– Click “Uninstall a program”.

– Locate your orb browser

– Click “Remove” / “Uninstall”.

– Restart your computer

– Reinstall the browser

This should clear any bad or corrupted files in the browser. It promotes the reliability and speed of your computer and the result. This will work for 60% of people who are experiencing a slow YouTube problem.

2) Make sure your computer’s Internet is running fast

Obviously, a fast internet connection is essential for playing YouTube videos. You can see how fast your computer’s “raw” connection is by clicking “SpeedTestNet” and then determining how fast your connection is. If it’s not fast, you should opt out of any programs that use the Internet, such as Skype / AIM, on your system, and then repeat the test. If it is still slow (the speed at which you are paying), you should contact your ISP (Internet Company)

3) Clear the Windows registry

It is also recommended that you use the “Registry Cleaner” program to fix any potential issues with Windows. Registry Cleaner is a tool capable of correcting possible errors within your computer’s registry database. A centralized database that allows your computer to remember your desktop wallpaper, recent emails, and even your stored login details. Many average PC users are unaware of the existence of the registry, but the fact is that it constantly causes a lot of trouble because your system is bad and irreparable.

Entry will cause YouTube videos to load slowly because each of these videos requires a large number of registry settings to play … and if any of them are damaged or corrupted So, you have to fix any possible issues. Your computer may be inside. To do this, you need Use the Registry Cleaner tool So you can scan your computer and get rid of any potential hassle that this database may have – resulting in speeding up your computer.

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