19: Why it’s hard to see the way out of Level 4.

Analysis: When Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the new alert levels at 3pm on Friday, it would be surprising if Level 4 was not raised across the country.

In our newly acquired language around Covid 19, there is often talk of ‘downside’ or ‘upstream’ of the initial case in the community. Upstream refers to cases that are close to the source of the infection – sometimes. This is called an index or primary case. – While ‘flow’ refers to people who may have been in contact with infectious matters that we know about or are. May be affected later.

The good news on Thursday was that the ‘upstream’ was lower than expected. It now appears that the man arrived in New Zealand on August 7 and tested positive on August 9. .

Dr Ashley Bloomfield says people should be vaccinated once they are able to protect the country's children.

Robert Kitchen / equipment.

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield says people should be vaccinated when they are able to protect the country’s children.

This means that the virus was spreading in the community, it has not been detected for a long time. The fact that it didn’t happen is good news.

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The bad news is that in this case, the potential for flooding is still very high. Some people spread the virus easily, others do not. Most victims are young people and university, pub, school, Casino, church, a mall … and KFC. These are places where the virus can spread easily.

To lower the alert level outside Auckland on Friday – given Delta’s wireless – health officials will have to make sure they have contacted everyone who has been in contact with an infected person. , And then be satisfied that they did not pass. over it. A cabinet that has been largely conservative and cautious on these issues will then have to agree with this assessment.

Given all this and the fact that the infectious cycle lasts for 14 days, it is unlikely that the alert level will change on Friday.

Like every lockdown, the answer is both strong and dirty. The biggest mess this time around is that people are getting home within 48 hours.

For example, thousands of people were trapped in Queen Stone There is an extra 24 hours to get home., Based on the fact that there are not enough flights. They have until the lockdown can theoretically return home. The government was manipulated by reality here, transportation cannot be just magic.

And that brings us to the first three days of nationwide lockdown. If it is extended – Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. – It would have been better if only one extension had been announced.

The initial period of seven days in Auckland / Coromandel and three days elsewhere seems calibrated on the possibility that transmission outside Auckland / Coromandel can be rejected immediately. Clearly this has not happened.

The problem here is, because most people want to do the right thing: they think carefully about where they want to spend the lockdown. The difference between three and seven or 14 days or more is not insignificant. While the prime minister said Thursday that he had indicated that this was a possibility – which he did – most people are not really tea leaf readers and the explanation would have been better.

You don’t want to be too critical here because it’s not a win-win situation. On the one hand, the government is moving towards a small lockdown, which is positive. But on the other hand, it is definitely better to post a long time frame sign, which you can shorten again. Either way, people can be upset.

Wark Smith / Staff

David Hayman, a professor of infectious disease ecology at Macy’s University, talks about the importance of elimination, immunity and science in combating cod 19. (First published, May 4, 2020)

And while the news on Thursday was more positive, there was another dark cloud. Now this seems to be the most likely case. Somehow jumped out of organized isolation and quarantine (MIQ). In this example, the failure of a human being in a system is more comfortable than the opposite.

Just hours before the announcement of this new community case on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health revealed another case where the transfer took place inside the MIQ facility. Because two people open the door at the same time for a few seconds..

If there was a mistake. Process or process within MIQ. The government can be held accountable and the problem can be solved. If it’s something more random-like two people opening doors at the same time کا it means that even if we manage to suppress or eliminate Covid 19 after this epidemic, it remains a constant companion on the border. Will

Just last week the government. Announced his plan to reunite with the world.. Politically, it will be a very difficult question whether further lockdown is the price we will collectively pay, which we will probably pay, because we are committed to eradicating the virus.

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