A Future President’s Diary: Disney + ‘s Fairy Teen Favorite Returns

Diary of a future president.

The teenagers in your home will be happy to hear that the second season of this show is now in the world.

The next age is around Elena, a middle school student who wants to be president of the United States one day. The only thing is that, in order to achieve his goal, he must first live in his youth – and everything that comes with it.

Jane Virgin ‘Gina Rodriguez also works as an executive producer, which is a testament to this generally brilliant series.

Tess Romero read the diary of future President Elena.


Tess Romero read the diary of future President Elena.

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20th Century Fox

Hunter is now available to stream on Disney +.

the hunter.

The fourth installment of the hunter. The franchise – as of this week – has landed on Disney +.

2018 movie. the hunter. It started after a wild hunting ship crashed in Mexico. The hunter immediately tries to kill everything in his path, including professional sniper Queen McKenna. From here, the movie is more about Queen’s survival, as it is about everyone who knows how to get rid of animal feeding technology.

It’s action-packed, fast-paced and, at times, a little crazy-everything you want from a great one. the hunter. the film.

what if…

Have you ever left the cinema wondering what would happen if only one movie had an alternative ending?

In a brand new series. what if… This is exactly how fans of the Marvel Cinema Universe are treated. The animated show re-imagines the famous events of its films in new and unexpected ways. The first episode raises the question, “What if Captain Carter was the first avenger?”

The animation brings the pages of the comic book to life – a unique touch that goes a long way in captivating viewers.

Dylan O'Brien played the maze runner Thomas.


Dylan O’Brien played the maze runner Thomas.

Labyrinth Runner.

If you remember this thrilling 2014 film, you can be forgiven. The Hunger Games Fever of the early 2010s

I Labyrinth Runner.Thomas woke up one day to find himself trapped in an ever-changing maze from which there was no way out. He is one of a group of boys who are trapped inside a maze, and desperately trying to find their way. The second obstacle is the creature that comes out at night, which will kill you, if they catch you.

Jeffrey Donovan is the star of Burn Notes.


Jeffrey Donovan is the star of Burn Notes.

Burning notice.

Take it back to 2007 with this action comedy series.

During one episode, we learn that the main character, Michael Western, has been issued a burnout notice by his employer. Syed Notice immediately froze all of the spy’s income and assets, prompting him to return to his hometown of Miami, where he finds himself under constant surveillance.

To investigate why he was burned, the West works on jigs that act as a private investigator for the daily people. And so, we have a great plot. They made seven seasons of this fast-paced and exciting series.

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