Auckland Food Bank requests double after lockdown.

The Auckland City Mission says requests for help from its food bank doubled yesterday, the first day of the Level 4 lockdown, and is just as busy today.

Food packs are being prepared at the Auckland City Mission.

Food packs are being prepared at the Auckland City Mission.
Image: Louie Chen

It is helping rough sleepers with food, shelter and medical care, and the city council’s catering team has helped prepare food packs for charity distribution.

Auckland City Commissioner Helen Robinson said demand for her charity’s food bank has risen sharply since the announcement of the lockdown of Cove 19.

“Of course we had a very busy day yesterday, so Wednesday was twice as usual and I think it’s still very busy today. Our experience of the last lockdown is that as the lockdown continues, Demand is growing. “

He said three teams are also checking the roads to see if any obese sleepers need food, shelter or medical help, as many people are worried and overwhelmed by the lockdown. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.

Robinson said the situation is relevant because many of the places of interest are in the city center, where rough goldsmiths lived mostly.

“I’m worried. We know that the physical and mental health of those who live on the streets is significantly compromised … the best we can do is not,” he said.

Robinson said the city mission could provide testing, vaccinations and general medical care for those in need.

“We will continue to provide services 365 days a year, even in Level 4 lockdowns, and we can only do that because of Auckland’s generosity.

Auckland City Mission Social Services General Manager Helen Robinson.

Auckland City Commissioner Helen Robinson is concerned that the Delta type may be displaced within Auckland.
Image: RNZ / Amy Williams

The Auckland Council Catering Services team has been helping to cook and prepare food packages every day during the lockdown for City Mission, as the charity’s kitchen cannot operate during Level Four.

Council spokesman Rob Irwin said there were a variety of foods in the pack.

“We prepare about 250 meals a day and it includes some really great things like sandwiches and muffins, as well as some healthy options like salads and a bowl of fruit,” he said.

“Our staff loves it. They think they can really contribute. Obviously most of our staff will work away from home with the surface and so they feel it’s a way for them to come. Great opportunity and really help to achieve a great goal. “

Meanwhile, Brooke Pau Stanley, coordinator of the charity Auckland Action Against Poverty, said some people can’t afford groceries, pay bills, access the internet or provide children with tools to learn online. And the process of reaping the benefits needs to be simplified.

“All the things that many New Zealanders really understand are a real struggle for those who are benefiting and those who are low-income – those who are working but on a low income,” he said. Are. “

“We’ve been calling for a long-term increase in benefits over living income, and we’re also calling for work and income so that a higher confidence model can be managed – the same model they used for Quaid Income Relief. Used in managing last year’s pay and wage subsidies. “

Robinson said several government agencies are supporting his philanthropic work, including the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.


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