Beckett: The Netflix movie chasing John David Washington is out of the question.

Beckett (16+, 108 minutes) Directed by Ferdinando Cito Flomarino **.

Man-made landscapes have acquired many classic features over the decades. Northwest. To FugitiveI think we ignore the fact that, like every other genre, the story has produced a lot of forgettable movies that are wrong, forgotten.

And BeckettDespite a strong cast, some charming locations and an interesting premise, these films are sure to be one of them. For all its trappings, the power of the stars and its political appearance, it is not enough to invest here.

Beckett is John David Washington. We are told that he is a “tech analyst”. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation, as she came here on holiday to Greece and Alicia Vikander was telling her how much she loved it.

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But, the path to true love is not his concern. Beckett. No, author Kevin A. Rice knows he needs to bring a little romance into the first half hour of the film, so that when Washington is running away, an impossible number of bullets and knives will pierce him and somehow still train him. Against a small army of victorious professionals who are fully prepared to kill him, he will still be able to sob and look into the distance, so that we may know if he is remembering some sweet moments or other good Alicia. with. What we realized late was only in this movie so that Washington could remember it.

John David Washington Beckett.


John David is Washington Beckett.

After escaping the attention of Beckett’s corrupt and murderous Greek police couple, he makes his way to the promised sanctuary of Athens and the US embassy. Where, naturally, he is betrayed and murdered again – this film should set a kind of record of how many times a man can be “almost murdered” – an American official who is more clear He could not be seen leaning forward, noting that “the dodgy policeman is stuck on his forehead.”

Somewhere between all this running and climbing and jumping from long things, the impossibly indivisible Beckett discovers that he has stumbled upon a conspiracy – well, and that he has evidence of political kidnapping. Can be All this we learn during a break with WikiCraps, playing the role of an opposition activist who goes through some plot points and then exits the film.

For all its trappings, star power and political appearances, it is not enough to actually keep investors in the backyard.


For all its trappings, star power and political appearances, it is not enough to actually keep investors in the backyard.

At this point, you can also pick up the remote and find something else to see. From there, about everything. Beckett It’s down and finally just funny.

Beckett Proof that despite a strong cast, stunning scenes, Luka Guadaguino’s favorite cinematographer Siyambhu Makidipram behind the camera and the immortal Ryuichi Sakamoto writing music, it is still possible to turn it into a completely forgotten film, if any. If you do not bother to finish the script first

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