Cove 19: Some shoppers are impatient as a mask mandate in supermarkets.

Masked shoppers scan at the Countdown Supermarket in Christchurch's Colombo St. on Thursday.

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Masked shoppers scan at the Countdown Supermarket in Christchurch’s Colombo St. on Thursday.

Almost all shoppers in Christchurch supermarkets on Thursday remembered a mask with their reusable shopping bags, but the stores had extra staff to deal with the problem.

The second day of the lockdown was the first day. Government’s Quad 19 Mask Mandate. For anyone 12 years of age or older who visits public places such as stores or bus stations across the country.

At Pak N Save Moore House, security guards and staff guarded the line at the door and there was a pile of masks for any unauthorized shoppers. The extra staff inside made sure people got out the right doors.

Countdown Colombo St. and St. Martin’s New World Both supermarkets had at least one staff member queuing and watching the amazing entry.

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Inside all three stores, every customer and staff member wore a mask. Equipment Visited Thursday afternoon. Some were made of scarves or bandanas.

Most buyers either scan the QR code or write their contact details in the book, although many have had to be reminded by staff.

Staff at some of the city’s supermarkets said. Equipment While most customers responded positively to the mask mandate, some argued. This included some hesitation in wearing a mask, or impatience in queuing at the door.


Dr. Ashley Bloomfield announced that in the last 24 hours, 11 people have tested positive for Code-19.

One staff member said a woman shopping in the morning “went to the staff” because two people were waiting in line before entering the store, while another said Some buyers found it difficult. And “some people weren’t happy.”

The Countdown Headquarters issued a statement stating that the mask is a condition of entry and that it has a hand in all its stores if required.

The statement said that the police had advised them not to apply the rule of masking if consumers became aggressive as it was very dangerous.

“We are hopeful that all New Zealanders will do the right thing and wear masks so that our team does not remain in that position,” Countdown said.

Foodstuffs said on its website that shoppers would not be allowed to enter its Pak NSE, New World and Four Square stores without masks. Shoppers who are not willing to wear masks at the store should consider using the home delivery service, the company advised.

Countdown is the only supermarket chain offering home delivery in Christchurch. Delivers to New World North Canterbury, a service it says it wants to reach Christchurch customers by Christmas.

Around town on Thursday, some walkers and dog walkers wore masks, but most runners and cyclists preferred to do without.

Walkers were more likely to wear masks on Thursday than runners.  This was the scene in Hegley Park.

John Kirk-Anderson / Things.

Walkers were more likely to wear masks on Thursday than runners. This was the scene in Hegley Park.

Lester Gray, a senior healthcare lecturer at the University of Otago, says the mask mandate is a good move. Delta type of cove New Zealand was “extremely mobile” and insecure people were particularly at risk.

“Wearing a mask protects our essential workers and reduces the risk of this airborne virus.”

Gray said just making the necessary visits to stores would also help reduce transmission.

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