Covid 19: Students at two different Auckland schools have tested positive for the virus.

One student at Northcote College and the other at Auckland’s Linfield College. Tested positive for Covid 19, According to emails sent to school communities.

An email sent to parents by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) states that all staff and students at Northcote College on Auckland’s North Coast are considered close liaisons and that 14 You need to be isolated for a day.

Covid 19 test in Northcote on Auckland's North Coast.

David White / Stuff.

Covid 19 test in Northcote on Auckland’s North Coast.

The letter said the student was infected at school on August 16 and 17.

Of The current community epidemic There are 21 confirmed cases in Auckland. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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The ARPHS sent another e-mail to the parents of the students at Linfield College stating that a student who had tested positive for the virus was also present on August 16 and 17.

All students and staff at Lanefield College on the outskirts of central Auckland at Mount Roosevelt were considered close liaisons.

on Thursday, 11 new cases announced And two cases, one in his 40s and one in his 20s, were taken to hospital for treatment.

The latest Auckland cluster. He is from Sydney. Who arrived on the MIQ flight on August 7. The man was taken to hospital August 16. There is still a missing link in the community regarding the virus.

New Zealand The alert is at level 4.. Auckland and Coromandel are at this level for seven days, the rest of the country for three days, at least.

A change in any alert level will be announced on Friday.

More than 100 places of interest. Identified in Auckland, and the list includes malls, bars, playgrounds and more.

No school has been added to the Ministry of Health’s list of places of interest, but a bus route (bus 95B or 95C) from Glenfield Mall to Northcote College will be added on August 17 from 8.27am to 8.40am. has been.

West Auckland High School, Owendale College, has been linked to the first cluster, following the announcement of a 25-year-old woman on Wednesday. Teacher at Avondale College There was a virus.

On Thursday, five of the 11 cases announced were related to the college.

Principal Landy Watkinson said the school was consulting with the Ministry of Health and the ARPHS, following all advice.

“We’ve been informing our school community about updates as they come in handy, and we encourage anyone with a health concern. [to] Contact the Health Line or visit the Ministry of Health website.

Northcote College, Lanefield College, Ministry of Health and ARPHS have been contacted. Equipment For comment

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