Employees are instructing staff to work on unnecessary tasks.

A union representing retailers says some employers are taking “urine” by asking staff to come and do unnecessary work.

Kmart hint at Westfield St. Lux Mall.

Image: RNZ / Claire Eastham Ferley

Ben Peterson, national organizer of First Union, said members were concerned that they had been asked to work during Alert Level 4, including packing or clearing online orders filled with unnecessary products.

“K-Mart required all staff to report working today and some of the orders they were filling out online we will discuss that they were not necessary … for example wine glasses and decorative pillows. ۔ “

“He has said that he is dialing back this afternoon, which is positive because he is under a lot of pressure from the staff.”

K-Mart has been contacted for comment.

Patterson said there was no excuse for not following the rules.

“We have already done level four.

“The more people we keep in touch with, the more space there is for more transmission.”

Patterson said it was difficult for workers who were asked to come in.

“There is a range of emotions and feelings, a lot of pressure is felt … when you are watching on TV and there is a clear instruction from Jacinda Ardern to be part of the team of five million and then you The manager sends you a text message. The message is back to normal tomorrow.

“There is some essential non-food retail that needs to be continued, but some retailers are using it as an excuse to maintain a wide range of supplies through stores.

He said the union was concerned that the problem was widespread.

“We are concerned about places where we do not have union members and people who do not have this support.”

Retail stores can only order products for essential consumer products online. Order contact must be equipped, including payment and delivery.


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