Former Labor Deputy Prime Minister Sir Michael Colin has died.

Former Labor Deputy Prime Minister Sir Michael Colin has died of lung cancer.

Colin, 76, died overnight in Wakhtin. The former deputy prime minister announced the diagnosis of cancer in March 2020.

Colin served as deputy prime minister from 2002 to 2008 and as finance minister from 1999 to 2008 under Helen Clark’s Labor government.

He is survived by his wife, Anne Collins, four children and eight grandchildren.

Sir Michael Colin at home in Ohio.

Mark Taylor / Equipment.

Sir Michael Colin at home in Ohio.

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The family will hold a private funeral as soon as possible. A public memorial service will be held in Tenetwa., Bay-off, will also be held.

The office of Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard announced Colin’s death in a statement Friday morning.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finance Minister Grant Robertson said in a statement that Colin’s death was mourned.

Sir Michael has been an influential figure in New Zealand politics for the past 40 years. Intelligent, funny and kind, he left an important legacy for the country.

“He was a great friend of mine and of the Cabinet and the Labor Cox. We will miss him dearly, and we are sending all our love to Ann and her family. We are devastated, but know that our grief is for her.” There is only one part that they will feel the loss of husband and father.

“Throughout his adult life, Michael has served his country with distinction and courage. As he himself has said, he has lived a long and very happy life, for which we are always grateful. Mr. Michael. “

Robertson said Colin’s contribution to New Zealand’s economic prosperity was immense.

“As the architect of the New Zealand Super Fund and the Kiwi Saver, which works for families, it has left behind a more economically secure country,” he said.

“Each of these policies will define his or her political career, but at the same time it represents the most important contribution any politician has made in recent times.”

Colin, who was first elected to parliament in 1981, also served as Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, and Attorney General.

He resigned from parliament in 2009, held various governance roles, including chairing the Earthquake Commission, and was involved in negotiating settlement negotiations for T. Kohitanga A. Ngati Toharitova and Ngai Toho.

Announcing his cancer diagnosis in March 2020, he stepped down as chairman of the Bay of Plenty and Lex District Health Boards.

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