Happy Daily: Social Media Content from Lockdown Day 2.

Take a look at some of the best social media content from the second day of the lockdown.

With only two days left in the Level Four lockdown, many people are sensibly worried about the uncertainty surrounding the current Code-19 situation.

However, no everything What comes with a lockdown has to be all sadness and torment, for some it can provide some time to relax, unwind and be creative.

Because of this, we’ve decided to wrap up some of the funny and inspiring social media content created during the lockdown on a daily basis.

Now that masks are a must in supermarkets and other essentials, some people may need to be reminded of the right way to wear their masks and who will show you better than this good guy.

Working from home can come with extra stress, but it has become commonplace for many over the past year.

Nowadays, people are equipped with strategies and habits to help bring the office into their home.

However, pets do not necessarily understand the concept of working from home.

Nothing could be prepared. RNZ PacificMoira Tolipa Taylor to the pressure of colleagues coming from these faces while she was working.

Lockdown takes a lot of time on the hands of a lot of people, a common way to overcome boredom is to try a new pastime, which knows that it can be bigger than a hobby.

From baking sourdough to making tack talk, lockdowns have somehow become synonymous with trying new things.

The man had taken up a new hobby at Level Four Lockdown last year and by then it was clear he had turned into a lunatic.

We live a busy life these days and if there’s one positive thing about lockdowns, it’s that a lot of people have more time to relax and unwind, even if it’s just a few days.

This cat shows us how to do it because the nation is condemned to temporarily live the life of a domestic animal.

Finally, this haiku poem serves as a reminder of why we are all making sacrifices in this uncertain time.


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