‘It doesn’t feel close to home’: South Aucklanders feel ready but cautious.

After the last two lockdowns, South Auckland leaders say the lack of community expansion in the area is a small relief.

Auckland Counselor A. Philippine, BBM Motivation's David Littleley and Manager College's Tom Webb.

Auckland City Councilor A. Filipina, David Littleley of BBM Motivation and Tom Webb of Manager College.
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South Auckland weight loss guru David Littleley and his community welfare organization BBM Motivation have already donated about 2,500 meals in the last 24 hours and will be watering down their team in the coming weeks. I’m getting ready to drown.

“I think it’s just getting worse,” said the former professional boxer – also known as Brown Bataben.

“Especially for those who are already struggling, because they keep their heads above water, so it will really affect them.”

Little’s Batabin headquarters in Manukau, home to a gym, food bank and community kitchen, came to work on Wednesday morning with lunch, which was originally for schools.

“Those who need help have a mixture of” uncertainty and fear “, but” most of them are in low socio-economic circles, living daily, they are just happy that we They are providing. “

His main message to those struggling was not to be left alone.

“Don’t be ashamed to reach out for help, and ask groups like us to help you navigate things like getting your full rights from WINZ,” he said. “It’s in these difficult times that we stand, and from there it helps – you just need to know where to look.”

Little has already been in regular contact with the council’s Auckland Emergency Management Team and Ministry of Social Development staff, which he said is an improvement over the previous lockdown.

“I can see that they have learned from the first lockdown that the answer needs to go through existing groups on earth, working and connected, and not having to re-create anything. Is.”

David Little, Center, and his team at Bataben headquarters in Manukau.

David Little, Center, and his team at Bataben headquarters in Manukau.
Image: LDR / Justin Latif

At Manager’s College, the mood was cautiously optimistic after the Level Four announcement. Principal Tom Webb said his students would be better prepared to attend the lockdown.

“It doesn’t feel close to home, but it’s the shape of a delta. We know anything can happen with it.”

Students and staff were no strangers to the lockdown, two previous Auckland lockdowns were the result of South Auckland community affairs.

At the start of the first lockdown in 2020, about 80 percent of Mangir College students did not have a laptop, but thanks to the efforts of the school and the Ministry of Education, most students have access to a device and an internet connection.

“When I met the teachers. [on Wednesday] In the morning, they seemed quite positive because we had set up the system before the last lockdown. We have allowed many of our senior students to carry laptops at home all year round, only if that happens.

“And now most families have access to the Internet because we’re working with Skinny Jump to provide families with free modems.”

Students have started learning through Google Classroom, but Webb said they have also created allowances for students who cannot use laptops.

“The challenge for us is that we can’t distribute work packs at Level Four as we’ve done before. Trying. It can be done without a computer. “

Councilor A. Philippina of Manukau Ward Auckland expressed hope that the lockdown reinforces the importance of vaccination, and he was in talks with the counties Manukau DHB about setting up pop-up testing and vaccination sites so that Could be

“This is just one case. As much as possible, Aiga and the families should be tested and vaccinated as soon as possible.”

The Philippines also urged families to make sure they are taking care of themselves and each other to prevent another increase in domestic violence, as during the first Alert Level 4 lockdown. Was

“It’s going to be a painful time and now that our kids are home, and we know from the last lockdown how stressful that time was, you need to take a break.

“It’s really important that people take care of themselves and be kind, especially to make sure they’re not hurting our elders and our very weak.”


This is an official Quad 19 alert.

All New Zealand. Coved 19 Alert is now at Level 4.

Alert levels will be assessed after 3 days for all areas except Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula, which are likely to remain at 4 levels for an initial period of 7 days.

A community case of Covid 19 has been identified.

Stay at home Where possible, follow the Alert Level 4 instructions. This will stop the spread of Covid 19 and save lives.

All are requested:

Wear a mask whenever you leave the house and keep a distance of 2 meters from others.

If you are ill, call your doctor or health line on 0800 358 5453 for advice on getting tested.

Keep scanning QR codes whenever you leave your home.

Follow good hygiene – wash your hands often.

Services including supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics and petrol stations will remain open at Alert Level 4. Facial coverage is a must for all people – employees and customers – in businesses and services that operate at Level 4 on customer contact alerts.

Go to Alert Level 4 for more information. [the government website]


The RNZ is the legal lifeline utility responsible for radio broadcasting under the Emergency Management Act 2002 and has a memorandum of understanding with the government that has been activated to address health issues related to infectious diseases. RNZ’s lifeline utility responsibilities do not affect our editorial freedom as a public media organization or the severity of our news gathering and reporting operations.

As New Zealand’s lifeline utility radio broadcaster, RNZ must maintain the necessary public information channels and news in times of national emergency, and we are committed to helping all New Zealanders.

We are also committed to the health and well-being of our staff.

RNZ will continue to provide essential information services – broadcasting and publishing important public service announcements on our website and through social media channels. Comprehensive news will be available via Hawaii and our website and digital services.

RNZ Concert and RNZ Pacific will take news and information from RNZ National if necessary. Parliament will continue to broadcast on the AM network during the sitting of the House. As the country’s public service media organization, RNZ is committed to helping all New Zealanders.

What he said – stay strong.

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