Lord’s Solar Power is a troit album not for its fans – it’s for them.

Overview: He chose a name. Lord. But never asked to be a savior.

In her third album. solar energy, Ella Elich O’Connor, 24.“We allow him to get off the pedestal,” he says.

Lorde's new song Mode Ring was released before his new album.


Lorde’s new song Mode Ring was released before his new album.

This is understandable. Let’s not forget how big the hype really was. David Bowie called it the future of music. Nirvana hired him to sing in his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction. Awards, sales, critical acclaim, a generation of imitators, a host of fans, it must have prevailed.

Like Bowie and countless others, I’m a fan. I heard. Pure heroin Remains artistically amazed for months, influenced by ideas and actions. I thought Melodrama A great success

But for me, this third album was initially disappointing.

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I want to Team.. I want to Ribs And Teen with white teeth, Louvre And Writer in the dark. But Lorde is giving me sound guitars on the beach, fennel bongs and star signs. I had to double check whether the album was produced by Jack Antonov or Jack Johnson.

solar energy (Album) is not a big hit. If you listen for the last forty seconds. solar energy (Song) When the drum beats and it becomes. Full By Primal Scream (or George Michael). Freedom 90. Depending on your reference) You have already heard the high point full of energy.

It starts with. The way And this tune ‘Born in the year of Oxy Canteen, grew up in tall grass. The teenage millionaire is having nightmares with the camera flash.And so (click), I’m struggling. Is this the same person who sang? Royals? It’s not a failure, it’s just a brag.

Then cookIf you are looking for a savior, this is not me.‘.

This statement informs the whole record. The Lord will not give us what we want or expect.

solar energy (Song) Next, which again, I struggled to appreciate in the beginning. Every part of me rebelled against it. It’s not real, I told myself.

The timing is bad. It’s not at the usual high standard that I said. no gain. Despite all my intellectual mentality, it firmly entrenched itself in my mind. It was in my head when I woke up. He followed me around the house. I was humming these stupid words in the shower.

For the next few songs, the teenage billionaire dives deeper into the realm of self-awareness. I California. She remembers winning a Grammy and realizes that her life will never be the same. That’s what she does. Looking at the existential navel. Nail salon was stoned.

It’s a difficult thing for ordinary people to relate to.

We are far from counting dollars on the bus. The dreamy veil continues with beauty. Soundtracks and soft high-pitched harmonies that resonate with the music that influences this record. All Saints, Natalie Ambroglia, Nelly Furtado et al.

Doesn’t the beginning of the 2000s seem so far away?She sings inside. Mood color. The real question is, is there anything older than the early 2000s? Also, the mood rings? Really?

The feeling was dull until dawn, this album is not for fans like me at all. We will live around it no matter what.

This is for him. No obvious big successes are deliberate choices, they are lowering expectations. It is also for his followers. Young people who really look to the Lord for life advice.

Once I click on it, I can appreciate what it is.

solar energy Are lords sharing the secret of their happiness?. Plugin Light some Baba. Go to the beach. She sings about the safety of the sun, transcendental meditation and Pluto in a horse race. There will be many more to hate about simple things. While this may seem trivial, on some levels, he is right. Good for that

But the accent can be crappy. She does not want to be our savior but is called a song. Secrets from a girl (who has seen it all) And The leader of a new system. Identify a serious hero complex.

Comparing your year of birth to the world’s most addictive drug is weird. ‘I thought I was a genius but now I am 22 years old and it seems that I know how to wear a suit and carry it‘She sings A man with a broken axis. Before we talk about putting hundreds of gowns and paintings in frames.

It remains to be seen whether this view is true of his followers.

There is beauty and charming harmony in the songs. Snatched back and without the studio’s cunning, he’s still got the stuff. It’s done, the melodies connect quickly to your subconscious. She has freed herself from the chains of success (real or perceived), and I look forward to what she will do next.

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