The 22-year-old exhibited his paintings for the first time.

Twenty-two-year-old Nancy Morris is still working on “Firsts”, the first time her art was exhibited in an exhibition last week.

Nanny Morris's work.

Nanny Morris’s work.
Image: What a wonderful way to screw people over.

At Nelson’s Great Art Exhibition, a collection of Morris’s oil canvas was displayed among various other local artists.

Morris said she firmly believes in the old adage that it is never too late to do something new.

“I think it’s great to be interested as you get older, and to have some interest in your life. I don’t feel like I’ve reached this stage of quitting painting at the age of 92.” she said.

Morris said he spent most of his years giving his paintings to friends and family, even though his home was still full of work.

It was the encouragement of her local art club and friends outside, who encouraged Morris to put his paintings on display.

“They arranged it all for me. I stacked it all in one bedroom, and I had to bring it all out and they decided what was a good display,” he said.

Morris said she never expected to see her work in an exhibition, sell one – which she did that night.

“It was a very special night,” he said.

Painting has always been a passion of Morris, and he credited his art teacher for crediting his art in high school.

He said he had painted China for years and it was his best work.

But as his eyesight deteriorated over the years, he had to put down thin brushes. When she moved to the oil paintings she now works on.

Morris was created to paint a “moody” landscape canvas, all with memory.

“I’m looking at what I’ve just finished. It’s a gloomy sky. I like to make a gloomy sky, with the hills below. Of my head.”

Morris said the painting is believed to have worked wonders to relax and unwind.

“When I get a little low sometimes I think, ‘Oh well, get out of painting and do some of that’, and it’s definitely uplifting.”

What great art, run by the Richmond Baptist Church, hosts an exhibition every year for local artists.


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