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Welcome to Prince Edward County!

Beautiful house, right?

You wouldn’t believe that the amount of house building is increasing here right now. It will make Toronto run for its money.

Despite the fact that I only planned one video today, I think this post is probably Google friendly and will stand the test of time, so if I didn’t provide my two cents in some places So i’m sorry destinations

Brambleberry form The highlight of the trip so far has been. I’ve never been a berry picker in my entire life so I have no basis for comparison, but I’ve been a pumpkin patch and apple orchard Also The berry has to be picked and there is no comparison. At the end of the season, Bramley Berry is the only farm that offers all three blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Only acres, and acres and acres. My kids had the time of their lives! We lost our son at one point. Eighteen months old but he runs like Andre de Grass. When we pulled over and the kid working at the check-in showed us the size of the basket, which cost ڈالر 10, I thought it was a long way off. But after seeing how many delicious blueberries fit there, I think it must have been the best purchase of my whole life. Seriously, $ 30 for two hours of fun with the kids and you’ll have the opportunity to bring something delicious home. It was outside the park.

Of National Air Force Museum. Your kids, boy or girl, are going to be a hit with any age. Yes, I keep talking. Children. When it happened? Hey, 20 Things, feel free to dig deeper into the TRB archives and read my stories about nightclubs, around 2008. In any case, if you heard about the accidental missile launch near Trenton this week, it was my son’s fault. I did not name him after the “Duke” leader. G.I.Nothing, and I’m very proud that it almost started a war with West Siberia last night.

وِک۔ Paktin had an impressive dinner of 50. I’m a victim of nostalgia and this was the place! Although, it is mainly run by children. In fact, it seems like everything is run by kids, or maybe I’m just getting old. But Slickers Ice cream The street was also staffed by a couple of young people, and it’s important to check in after lunch if I have kids like you who don’t finish their burgers, but it seems like there’s always room for ice cream. how it is possible? Are they smarter than us? How come we never see him come?

Parson Brewery. There was a little bit of fun sitting outside on the picnic benches, and when most people were letting loose and drinking this thing called “beer”, I was feeling a little confused after myself. Third Glass of water! Picnic benches are well spaced and there are mountaineers for the children to play as they wait impatiently for food. It was a solid Google search!

Of Andara Art Gallery. Was really cool. This artist works. wax Which I find interesting. There is no shortage of studios in Prince Edward County. Everyone and their mother is an artist here, so make your choice. Art is very personal, so when I don’t care about paintings of flowers or inanimate objects, I know others like it. We got some pieces from Andara Gallery when we were on our Baby Moon in early 2020 and they are still one of my favorites.

Sunflower field. Was closed. Boo! Their website reads in bold, “Please note that if you come this weekend you will not see a full field of flowers. The bloom is over.” Okay, but that’s just it. 0.001 is important for the population who are sunflower experts, right? Do I care what level it is? کھلنا I got it, okay? I can see it now: People on Instagram are complaining about the shortage. Joban. They are the ones who lament the unsatisfactory color of one. blood orange At a brunch local on Sunday morning and expressing my anger ‘Grams. Holy shit, I just wanted to see some sunflowers.

Sandbank Park. It was a complete waste of time. I’m a wet noodle, I know. I don’t find it attractive here, even though it seems to be one of the greatest parks on the planet. Anyone who knows PEC will happily explain, with this dirty food smile, “Oh, you Booking Already! “” Yes, I am now the happy owner of the Ontario Parks account. But after standing in line, thirty cars deep, to enter the park, I was told by Smoky the Bear that I didn’t have the right one. Booking. Suffice it to say, I spoke my way. But once we got there, it was driving, fighting for parking, and then what? A plot of sand? I can get it at Scarborough Bluffs any day of the week. I’m not just a “sit and crazy” guy. I don’t understand affiliation with the coast.

I want to end it one by one. Positive Note, so I’ll add that I played. Timber Ridge Golf Club. And that’s great. The course is ranked # 87 in Ontario but is also voted the best “value”, which I agree with, since I was charged about 55 55 and I had to say to the lady, “Um, I wanted to play eighteen Hole. “Yas, boy. Great search. I was pairing up with a few men from Kingston, Ontario, who crushed Miller Light’s King Kane at the turn, just to find out if their level of play was even higher. Decreased Three to DT That they had experimented on almost every hole so far. So make me a picture, standing on the 18th tee, just needed. Equal For a 79. Well, what happened, you asked? Would I bother to tell this story if it didn’t end with fireworks and crowds going wild? This T shot directly into the drink دوغلی great. Point to the sad trombone.

So what is this county named after? Please let me know if this is not the case. AndrewBrother

See you here on Monday, logo!

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