19: Southern DHB behind vaccination target.

The Southern District Health Board is 13 percent behind its vaccination targets for Southland and Otago, but program chief Hamish Brown is confident his team can make up for lost ground.

As of Wednesday, 189,057 doses of the Covid 19 vaccine had been delivered to the southern district, of which 62,493 were second doses.

This means that approximately 46% of the population in Southland and Otago have received at least one dose and 62,493 people have been fully vaccinated.

More than 2,000 doses were delivered Thursday through normal methods and pharmacies, Brown said.

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But Health Ministry figures show that as of Sunday, South DHB was 13% behind its target of 206,744 foods.

The reason, Brown said, is that the board set an ambitious target, which was expected to reach a high peak in August to reach the immunization targets for the populations of Southland and Otago.

He said it would give the board a long tail to reach the hard-to-reach populations by the end of the year.

Brown said the plans were thwarted by a strong supply of vaccines in June and July, but the board has increased capacity in recent weeks and is ready to open older bands.

“It is important that we look at the volume provided each week, thanks to the efforts of healthcare providers throughout the district,” he said.

After a short pause. In the context of the lockdown newsLarge-scale vaccination clinics reopen in Anwar Kargil and Dunedin on Friday morning Somewhat redesigned with spaces. Meeting Alert Level 4 Safety Requirements.

Bina Simon and her husband Simon Peter were at the Civic Theater’s Anwar Cargill Clinic on Friday to administer their second Covid 19 vaccine.

He made the appointment before the announcement of the lockdown and praised the cooperation of the vaccine team.

“It’s been great, very well-organized, I give them 10/10,” Simon said.

The couple chose to get vaccinated for a number of reasons, including following the rules and protecting the community, he said.

Lorraine Colon was also in a hurry to the clinic.

She was booked for her second dose and was primarily vaccinated because it was available for her age group.

Lorraine Cologne visited the Anwar Cargill Cove 19 Vaccination Center at the Civic Theater on Friday morning for her second dose.

Rubin Eddy / Things.

Lorraine Cologne visited the Anwar Cargill Cove 19 Vaccination Center at the Civic Theater on Friday morning for her second dose.

“I’ve never been more upset,” he said of the vaccination break.

Her husband had recently completed a series of cancer treatments and had undergone a laryngectomy a few months earlier, which played a key role in her decision.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced late Wednesday that vaccination clinics would reopen at 8 a.m. Thursday, but Brown said the board delayed opening its clinics because it needed time to redesign so that patients and staff Maintain physical distance.

Meanwhile, Chris Fleming, chief executive of Southern DHB, said the board would raise hospital resources to care for Cove 19 patients.

Philip Hawks says his Covid 19 vaccination was a good thing to protect the community.

Rubin Eddy / Things.

Philip Hawks says his Covid 19 vaccination was a great way to protect the community.

This was stated by Fleming at a board committee meeting in early August Two MSV Matina ships were admitted to Southland Hospital. At the end of July, it expanded its services.

Citing recent examples of RSV and MS Matina, Fleming said that hospitals in Southland and Otago worked together to handle patient loads.

Fleming said resuscitation plans would be implemented in hospitals at various stages of a possible community outbreak.

“With the increase in the warning level, our planned admissions have been reduced to provide more capacity to the positive patients of Covid 19.

Fleming also allayed concerns about the supply of PPE, saying the board kept adequate stocks locally.

Wells South reported that more than 1,555 brooms were routinely picked up on Thursday, but these were initial numbers.

More than 2,000 people were tested for Covid 19 in Southland and Otago on Wednesday, compared to the daily average. 160 to 218 tests a day..

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