19: The journey ahead is good for travelers returning from the Cook Islands.

Air New Zealand says it is making arrangements for passengers returning from Cook Islands who live outside Auckland. Alert level 4. Travel restrictions.

The 48-hour grace period enables people to get home. Mostly over At 11.59pm on Thursday, the Ministry of Transport rules said that returnees from abroad are still allowed to travel inland so that they can reach their place of residence.

Air New Zealand continues its regular service from Rarotonga to Auckland. On Friday, the airline posted a post. Travel Alert By confirming on their website that upon arrival in Auckland, customers can return home as usual.

Returnees from Cook Islands are allowed to travel inland to return home.

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Returnees from Cook Islands are allowed to travel inland to return home.

This included those who needed to take a domestic flight, although the airline said the reduced schedule could result in a change in customers’ domestic flights.

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“We are working on your travel options and will notify you when we have more information about your booking,” the alert said.

“If an overnight stay is required in Auckland, it is permitted and will be arranged for you automatically.”

Asher Wilson-Goldman and his wife were scheduled to fly from Rarotonga to Auckland on Tuesday, then take a connecting flight from Auckland to Wellington so they could return home to Capitol.

But after the announcement of the lockdown, he received an e-mail from Air New Zealand stating that the domestic leg of his trip had been canceled. As their flight from Rarotonga to Auckland was on the same reservation, that flight was also canceled.

Wilson Goldman said he finally arrived via airline and was able to reschedule his original flight from Rarotonga to Auckland, which arrives at 4.30pm on Tuesday. However, the next available flight from Auckland to Wellington departed at 1 p.m. the next day.

The couple has instead decided to rent a car to drive straight home on Tuesday night. If they were stopped, they would have boarding passes to prove they had returned from abroad.

“It’s going to be a long drive, but we’ll do it. We don’t like the idea of ​​spending a night in Auckland right now, “said Wilson Goldman.

Another passenger was having difficulty securing a new flight from Auckland to Wellington, apparently due to confusion in his itinerary.

Jessica Petersen was scheduled to return from Rarotonga on Saturday night. Before returning home to Wellington on Sunday afternoon, he planned to stay with a friend in Auckland. His return flight from Rarotonga and his domestic flight were booked separately.

When he contacted Air New Zealand after his flight from Auckland to Wellington was canceled, he was told that domestic travel was not allowed. She was worried that she would not be able to return to Wellington.

She was scheduled to contact Air New Zealand again on Friday afternoon to clarify her situation.

Air New Zealand’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer Lane Geragetti confirmed in a statement that due to a limited schedule it was operating during Alert Level 4, allowing some passengers returning from Rarotonga to spend the night in Auckland or take road transport. May need to be taken. Of accommodation

He said customers returning from Rarotonga during the Alert Level 4 period would be accommodated and allowed to return home.

“Customers traveling on a separate domestic ticket should call the Air New Zealand Contact Center, which will book their connecting flight for free.”

Geragette said Air New Zealand’s customer care team would contact Petersen to make sure it was re-booked on the second flight.

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