‘Absolute error’: Auckland contact tracing staff lost four close contacts, trying to suppress information.

A man I met. Auckland Delta Cluster Case A, while Traderman was contagious, slammed the contract tracers, saying they lacked four other close contacts.

The man also alleged that public health personnel tried to keep him quiet as a close liaison to the Covid 19 case until the government made an official announcement.

He described his experience. Contact tracing Staff as “Absolute Error”

Auckland Regional Public Health did not deny any of the man’s allegations, but defended how he handled the case, citing confidentiality.

Sweeping the Northcote Testing Center, where the man waited nine hours for a test on Wednesday.

David White / Stuff.

Sweeping the Northcote Testing Center, where the man waited nine hours for a test on Wednesday.

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The Auckland man met her. Devon Port, 58. Just days before the announcement of the trade on Tuesday, New Zealand’s first community case in almost six months.

He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized by his employer to speak to the press.

At 2.32pm on Tuesday, two minutes after the first announcement of a new community case by the Ministry of Health, the man was called by a liaison tracer from Auckland Regional Public Health’s Coveid 19 Response Unit in Green Lane.

“It was chambolic, just like a Mickey Mouse costume.”

The man said the contact tracker did not identify himself, was unprofessional and incorrect in his interrogation, and did not properly state or prove his credentials as a health worker.

He said staff told him he was a close associate of the confirmed Cowed 19 case, but the tracer did more details, including the date or location of the exhibition.

He asked the man if the caller was real.

Health staff at Northcote Testing Center.

Lucy Xia / Things.

Health staff at Northcote Testing Center.

“I said, ‘Where?’ And he said I can’t tell you. And I said, ‘Who?’ And he said, “I can’t tell you.”

“And I said, ‘Why should I believe you?’

“And the answer was: ‘You just have to trust me.’

Several minutes later, Tracer’s manager came to the line, and the man said he was impressed with her contacts.

Tracer himself, however, declined to say when or where he was exposed, despite being told to stay away from the show for 14 days, and to have a test five days after the initial sweep. Is.

“I was like, wait a minute … you haven’t told me yet when I was exposed.

“Are you telling me I was exposed, and when not, and I have to take a five-day exam?”

Eventually, staff told him he was exposed on August 13 during a four-hour window.

He declined to give further details, but the man managed to figure out who the case was and when it came to light, during a site meeting known as Case A.

However, there were four others present during the meeting with Case A, all of whom are close contacts, but none of them were called by the contact tracer.

The man said they all took the test voluntarily and were negative.

The man went for his initial test when he found out he was in close contact.

He was told that he was not allowed to be tested at the GP and was not given preferential treatment at the testing center.

He arrived at the Northcote Testing Center at 8 a.m. and was swept away about nine hours later.

This negative came back.

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The man expressed frustration with Contact Tracer’s requests to suppress the fact that he was a close associate of the Cowed case.

He said he insisted he would not post anything on social media before a press conference with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director General of the Ministry of Health Ashley Bloomfield.

They also told him not to tell his boss, with whom he works in a small team inside a large office building.

“They told me I wanted to tell my boss that I had been instructed by Auckland Regional Public Health to isolate myself, and why not.”

As he mocked the contact tracing team, which he described as “uninformed, completely unaware”, he was impressed by the compliment of a health worker on the welfare team, who called him for a checkup on Wednesday. ۔

Desolate street scenes in Auckland on the first day of Level Four lockdown after 19 Delta Cowid cases were found in the community.


Desolate street scenes in Auckland on the first day of Level Four lockdown after 19 Delta Cowid cases were found in the community.

“The lady there was amazing.”

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS), whose tracer contacted the man, is one of several agencies involved in contact tracing, as well as the Ministry of Health’s Investigation and Tracing Center, Health. Line and other public health units.

In a brief statement, an ARPHS spokesman did not deny the man’s allegations.

“Contacts do not tell a close contact how they become a contact if it leads to the identification of the case. This is required under the Privacy Act.

“We are very concerned about protecting people’s privacy, which is why information can be restricted.

“People who have a useful opinion can contact the ministry.”

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