All blacks chose not to fly to Perth, iTwickenham for the Spring Box test.

RD Seva competed against Vallabhbhai last week.

Dave Roland / Getty Images

RD Seva competed against Vallabhbhai last week.

The location of the rugby championship is likely to be known before the end of the day, but the All Blacks are already looking to Tokenham to host their historic 100th Test against Spring Box in late September or early October. ۔ Equipment Can reveal

Australia was the first option to host the tournament, although many obstacles had to be overcome before that.

Mark Robinson, chief executive of New Zealand Rugby, spoke to Breakdown about some of the hot topics of Rugby Week.

However, not all blacks will fly to Perth this weekend as originally planned, amid strong doubts that the championship could be held entirely in Australia.

Most likely, the rugby championship will be moved to Europe.

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The third Bladeslow Cup test was scheduled for Saturday, August 28 at Perth’s Optus Stadium, but is now closed because not all Blacks will arrive on time to observe the required quarantine period.

Bladeslow III could be pushed back a week, but Australia’s chances of hosting the tournament now look close to zero, as South Africa and Argentina have difficulty entering Australia under the right circumstances.

Both sides initially flew to New South Wales, affected by the quaid, and were quarantined there. This would allow them to travel to Queensland at a discount and play Tests in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

However, deteriorating cowardly conditions have complicated the picture, and there is no longer any guarantee of entry into the NSW.

The alternative is to fly them directly to Queensland, but it will depend on two things. First, the Queensland government will have to agree, and second, both Spring Box and Pumas will have to agree to the terms of the bubble, which can be tough.

That’s why the Europe option for the Rugby Championships is being seriously considered, with plans already underway to host the blockbuster All Blacks Spring Box game in Token Ham.

New Zealand Rugby chief executive Mark Robinson said on Friday afternoon, “Without full confidence in the team’s next move around The Rugby Championship, we felt that until Sabzar announced the full schedule of the tournament. Until then, the team will be based in New Zealand. “

“Once the team leaves our shores, they cannot return until November 23 after their current tour, so given the uncertainty, it means stopping these fixtures and seeking further clarification.

Jordan will be in full flight for all blacks in last week's Bladeslow Cup clash in Eden Park.

Ricky Wilson / Things.

Jordan will be in full flight for all blacks in last week’s Bladeslow Cup clash in Eden Park.

“We are 100% committed to playing in the full RRugby Championship in 2021 and are working closely with Sinjar to consider a number of rescheduling options.”

It is likely that British authorities will allow full crowds in Tokenham, and more than 1 million foreign Kiwis, Australians and South Africans will be living in London.

Tests could also be hosted in the evening – possibly at the same venue after the Australia-Argentina game – to allow Kiwi TV viewers to watch in the morning.

All blacks can send a limited 26-man squad to the United States for the Test against the Eagles in October and return to Europe for the November Test against Wales, Italy, Ireland and France.

As expected, New Zealand Rugby announced on Friday that the All Blacks’ two home rugby championship Tests against South Africa, and the Black Furnace’s two O’Connell Cup Tests against the Valorros, would not be played in New Zealand. ۔

The decision follows the government’s advice that the Spring Box and the Valeros Coveid 19 will not be able to enter New Zealand to play matches due to travel restrictions.

All blacks were scheduled to play South Africa on Saturday, September 25 at Dunedin’s Forsyth Bar Stadium and on Saturday, October 2 at Auckland’s Eden Park. The Black Furns were scheduled to play Rugby Park, Vallarus in Christchurch and the All Blacks in Eden Park on Sunday, September 26, as part of a double header.

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