Carol Avenue – Statistics in a Shifting Ground.

Exhibition of paintings at Paul Petro Gallery, 980 Queen W. September 3-October 2. Free.

“Despite the fantastic landscapes of the early story, human climate change was unthinkable in the days of Aesop’s fables, Peralta’s fairy tales, or La Fontaine’s myths. ‘S voices resonate strangely – perhaps more seriously than the current conversation – especially in the United States, now terribly frightened by the conspiracy theories of the greatest artists. In these paintings, I find myself Longing for, where children listen and act and animals talk.A dog argues for freedom with a wolf, or throws its food into the river while jealously reflecting it. And now , In the 21st century, this is a young girl with peaks called Greta who speaks of a ‘fairy tale of sustainable growth’. “- Carol Venue

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