Cove 19: Isolated after hosting the Hillary Berry Awards

More than a thousand people, including media personality Hillary Berry and comedian Jeremy Corbett, are isolated after attending the awards ceremony at Auckland’s Spark Arena.

Berry hosted the M10 Awards dinner on August 12, which is now. Place of interest Because of a Cowid 19 case. The event was also attended by hundreds of people from across the country.

Corbett hosted a Bailey real estate event at the same location the following evening.

Hillary Berry said she is currently


Hillary Berry said she was currently feeling like a “bird’s nest” after being told she was a close associate of the Cowed case.

A M10 spokesperson said she thought the audience would be upset, and they were all informed and advised what action they needed to take.

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“At the time of the event, the country was at Level 1 and appropriate protocols were in place, including QR codes and contract tracing capabilities.”

Hillary Berry, who hosted the 10m event, said. Seven sharp, It was a “big event” with about 1,000 participants.

“Everyone who attended the event is considered a close contact.”

Berry said she was feeling “like a bird’s nest” at this point, and had the Cowed 19 tested at her GP clinic.

“Fingers cross and become negative,” Berry said.

“You probably won’t see me until next weekend … [the other day] I was saying I wanted to be 5 meters away from you, but I didn’t expect to be 20 kilometers away from you, “Berry told co-host Jeremy Wells.

Murray Smith, whose family owns Mitter 10 Mega Branches in Harnby and Papanoi in Christchurch, said he was isolating himself after attending Saturday’s event in Auckland.

He thought about 11,100 people attended the event.

He cited. Equipment To further comment, contact the National Marketing Manager of Meter10.

The awards dinner was held at Spark Arena, which was seen here during a lab concert last year.  (File photo)

Ricky Wilson / Things.

The awards dinner was held at Spark Arena, which was seen here during a lab concert last year. (File photo)

Comedian Jeremy Corbett said. Plan, It hosted an event for Belize Real Estate at Spark Arena the night after the Meter 10 event.

He said he was already “pinging” about being close. Plan It had to start, and he had to go home early.

“The same person who had a positive experience at the Meter 10 Awards was also at the Belize event.”

Corbett said he has now been tested and is alone at home.

Before that it was Friday. Alert level 4 will be raised. For the whole country on Tuesday, August 24 at 11.59 pm.

On Friday, 11 new cases of Covid 19 came to light, bringing the cluster to 31. Eight cases Auckland and Three are in Wellington..

The current cluster of cases relates to a returnee from Sydney who arrived on the MIQ flight on August 7. The man was taken to hospital on August 16, but there is still a missing link to how he got into the community.

More than 150. Places of interest They have been identified in Auckland, Wellington and Coromandel. The list includes malls, a school, a bar, a church and more.

Spark Arena and Belize Real Estate have been contacted. Equipment To comment

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