Cove 19: The New Zealand Post case, along with 121 others, worked on the last shift in the ‘massive warehouse’.

A staff member at the NZ Post in Highbrook, Auckland has had a positive experience for Coved 19.  (File photo)

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A staff member at the NZ Post in Highbrook, Auckland has had a positive experience for Coved 19. (File photo)

New Zealand Post staff members who tested positive. Covid-19 Worked with 121 other people on his last Monday shift, but limited contact with them in a “large warehouse”.

New case One of 31 community cases announced as of Friday afternoon.Is a staff member at the Auckland Operations Center in Highbrook, Auckland.

According to a New Zealand Post spokesman, 121 people were in the same shift but “because the processing center is so big, not all of them will be in contact with the individual”.

The spokesman said the case works in “a large warehouse, a pair of football fields”, sorting the parcel into the correct conveyor belt and “cages”.

“They don’t have a public face or a customer-facing character.”

Brandon Mann, chief operating officer of the New Zealand Post, confirmed early Friday morning that a temporary member of his processing team had returned the positive Covid 19 test.

“Our team member works in the afternoon shift at our processing center, and was last at work on Monday,” Mann said.

“He has not been able to work since he became ill, and he did not have any symptoms at the time.”

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Mann said anyone working in the same shift near the case is in isolation and has to be tested, while NZ Post is working with the Ministry of Health to notify them immediately. Locations that are considered close contacts.

“We are also using CCTV footage to identify someone else who came into contact with the case.

“We are also working with the Ministry of Health on control measures to protect the safety and well-being of our people as a precautionary measure, including deep cleaning, which took place on Thursday night.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that it is appropriate to continue operations at the site after thorough cleaning.

“The health and safety of our people and our nation is our top priority.”

“Staff safety is of paramount importance,” Mann said.

“We are currently seeking confirmation, but the latest medical advice shows that the transfer of Covid 19 by mail and parcel is less risky.”

Mann said that due to increased security measures, he expects some delays on the parcel.

“We encourage customers to check our website for any delays.”

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