Coved 19: Good news from North Shore Hospital.

North Shore Hospital is still operating under strict lockdown rules, removing new patients from its emergency department, and many staff have been isolated following possible Potential 19 cases.

Before the lockdown, 120 staff have been put to the test after the delta strain of the virus was confirmed in a young man being treated at the hospital.

More than 100 patients were in the hospital’s affected areas at the same time as a positive case.

Waitematā DHB anesthesiologist Dr. Julian Fuller said. Checkpoint The shortage of nurses around Auckland is making matters worse.

“There are three cases of Covid 19 in three DHBs, and they are either close or comfortable plus contacts because the staff is down, it’s very difficult,” he said.

“Certainly the silver lining in our DHB is that since all elective surgery has been canceled, we are actually doing more and more severe surgery, and cancer surgery.

“And that’s probably why we’re going through so many more cases on a daily basis. So that’s really good news.”

“There’s no doubt we don’t have a major problem with Covid 19 at the moment, but if this Covid 19 really ends up like it did 17 months ago, we’ll have a bigger problem.”

The main problem is not having enough people to run the ICU, which requires skilled staff.

In other good news, Dr. Fuller said he was told today that about 88 percent of all medical staff had been vaccinated for Covid 19.

“It’s incredible. It takes away a lot of the hassle out of people who have to work and they can lift the Quaid 19, so that’s fine. It would be nice if we could get the remaining 12 percent right now.”

Dr. Fuller explained that North Shore Hospital is not completely closed, only the emergency department.

“The rest of the hospital is normal for Code 19. In other words, we are doing all the hard work in the hospital that needs to be done, our cancer work.

“And after a thorough cleaning, we’re hoping to open it as soon as possible. I’m not sure if it will be today or tomorrow.”

He said 29 of the potentially positive cases at the hospital have been isolated and tested.

“We’re going to have the Covid 19 tests in the hospital in 90 minutes, so we have a great idea very soon that is actually at risk.

“The other 78 have been discharged and are isolating themselves at home.”

Dr. Fuller said the rules of close contact and comfortable plus contact may not be applicable to fully vaccinated medical personnel.

“While we have vaccinated staff who are essential workers, we understand that this will not help run any DHB where a lot of staff will be sent home for at least five days if you rest. Keep in touch.

The result will be that there will not be enough nursing staff on site to run the hospital, and I think there will probably be something that I believe will be considered very soon, so that we can Make sure we have the proper staff.

“We are currently looking at 30 direct contact medical staff or healthcare staff, with one patient who was on the North Coast on Tuesday.

It is enough for them to be isolated at home. .

“Like if you’re in a supermarket and at the same time after someone who becomes positive. It’s hard to say that everyone should go home for two weeks.”


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