Covid 19: Positive cases of Covid 19 in Wellington, testing capacity and vaccination will be increased.

There are two or three positive cases of covid 19 in Wellington, Equipment Heard from many sources with knowledge of the situation.

The cases are believed to be in Johnsonville and Miramar.

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The health ministry declined to comment, saying information on new cases would be released at 1pm as part of a daily update.

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Wednesday morning at the Cowade 19 testing station in Tarnaki St., Wellington.


Wednesday morning at the Cowade 19 testing station in Tarnaki St., Wellington.

Capital and Coast DHB also declined to comment on case reports.

However, DHB spokeswoman Chase T. Rona said there were no cases of Covid 19 in Wellington or Hutville hospitals. He added that questions about possible issues should be sent to the ministry, and that the DHB would not comment further.

Dr Brian Betty, medical director of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, said reports had found cases of code-19 in Wellington that highlighted the highly contagious nature of the Delta variety.

“We’re concerned about the spread out of Auckland at the moment,” said Porreva GP.

“I think the situation in Auckland and the number of cases that have developed in such a short period of time really confirms how contagious the Delta is and that the Delta could move beyond Auckland,” Betty said.

Going into lockdown across the country was the “right thing to do.”

“I think it’s the answer to how quickly it has developed and the only way to stop it. [was] Going into severe lockdown to try to prevent or reduce the spread of coyotes across the country.

Adherence to lockdown restrictions, wearing masks, screening for people with symptoms of Covid 19 and advancing the vaccination program as soon as possible were the four key tasks to prevent the country from spreading further.

The vaccination program has begun on a large scale in the last four to five weeks. It needs to be continued, and it needs to be accelerated, because at the end of the day, the only way to defeat or stop the Delta, or the spread of the Delta, is to have a very high rate of vaccination in the country. The daughter explained.

Mayor Andy Foster said he is aware of reports of cases in the capital, and the council is seeking more information from health officials.

“The commentary confirms that the decision to go hard and fast with the lockdown was the right one. It confirms the importance of each of us – living at home, living separately, at the supermarket or at a medical facility. Wear masks on the go, contact tracing, good hygiene protocols and vaccinations.

Council staff were working with health authorities to increase testing capacity and expedite local vaccination rollouts.

An additional testing facility in Haiti Park and a vaccination center at the Michael Fowler Center will open on Saturday.

Equipment Understands that Wellington Hospital’s intensive care unit has provided the protocol to ensure that there is no transmission at the hospital. It is believed to have gone overnight in the “community transmission” roster to ensure segregation between teams.

In response, the DHB said: “Like other DHBs, we have a plan in case of community transmission in our area. Includes moving.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard McLane said the council was talking to the District Health Board, regional public health and other health officials to find out more about the reports.

At 3pm today, the government is ready to announce whether the nationwide lockdown will be extended.

Ahead of reports of Wellington cases this morning, two experts said it was highly likely that the government would extend Level 4 settings at least over the weekend, as The size of the cluster was not yet known..

It has already been indicated that Auckland and Coromandel will remain in Level 4 lockdown until at least Wednesday, but sanctions on the rest of the country are due to expire at midnight.

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