Covid 19: The shape of the delta can be defeated, but it has also defeated some countries that were previously able to fight the corona virus.

Analysis: In the early days of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, a familiar group of countries. Often got together

These included New Zealand, but also Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia and Fiji. There were countries that kept Quaid 19 out, or at least fought it on the ground, while the rest of the world was struggling.

Today, such a list of Coved’s success stories will look different. Since then, everyone has faced the shape of the delta, which is now. Spread over 148 countries.


If enough people are vaccinated, we reach the herd exemption or the population exemption. At this point, any cove spread will disappear naturally. But even if we do not reach population exemptions, every job counts.

Comparing the epidemic curves of some of these places since the arrival of the Delta shows that there is a difficult road ahead for Auterwa.

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Some have fallen under the weight of highly contagious stresses, but others have shown that delta expansion can be dealt with and suppressed. And, for now, the answer here shares more features with successes than failures.

In mid-June, an unsafe limousine driver in Sydney contracted the Covid 19 after transporting international planes from the airport.

What happened next reflects the threat to the Delta. Unknowingly affected, the driver went to a mall in the popular suburbs of Bondi. There, he briefly stood with another man, a meaningless conversation. Captured in CCTV footage

The man was impressed, and a commotion began. A person associated with the Bondi cluster. Attended the birthday party, Impressing 27 out of 40 attendees.

The cluster has. It has been an epidemic ever since., Hundreds of cases are recorded every day, and movement restrictions are likely to increase in the future.

About two months later, the epidemic is out of control, and has spread to other states outside Sydney – and of course New Zealand.

New Zealand has a long way to go to tackle the latest epidemic of cowardice.


New Zealand has a long way to go to tackle the latest epidemic of cowardice.

Critics say the state was. Too slow to enforce sanctions. A massive lockdown was imposed about 10 days after the outbreak, and restrictions have been reduced in New Zealand for people under Level Four. The initial sanctions, which are set to last for two weeks, are in place after seven weeks, with new cases emerging at higher rates.

This shows how difficult it can be to control delta eruptions.

Vietnam has received the most successful response from Covid 19 on both health and economic initiatives anywhere in the world.

As of the beginning of April this year, it had recorded about 2,700 cases since the onset of the epidemic, and 35 about 100 million people قابل notable for the country صرف only 35 quaid-related deaths.

Then came Delta. There were six community cases. Recorded April 29., The first community outbreak of any SARS-CoV-2 type in more than a month.

The next day, seven more cases were found, then three days later. Within two weeks, Vietnam was recording hundreds of cases a day. By the end of the month, there were an average of over 1,000 daily cases.

Vietnam was once one of the leading nations in suppressing SARS-Cov-2, but the Delta is in turmoil due to its variations.

Lin Pham / Getty Images

Vietnam was once one of the leading nations in suppressing SARS-Cov-2, but the Delta is in turmoil due to its variations.

As of this week – just six weeks after the first six community cases were discovered – about 10,000 to 10,000 new cases are being found in Vietnam every day.

This is a case study of the destructive power of the Delta variant. In just six weeks, the virus infected 300,000 people in Vietnam, and killed more than 6,000. Once controlled, the answer fell into chaos

Significantly, when the first Delta community cases came to light, Vietnam had barely begun launching its own vaccine. At that time, 3.8% of the population had at least one dose of the vaccine, and 0.3% was fully vaccinated. The delta is burning primarily through an insecure group.

Another precautionary story is in our Pacific Keratita – Fiji.

For most of the epidemic, Fiji had no community transmission at all, only dealing with its administrative isolation facilities.

After a system breach in April – workers at one of these facilities. Became contagious and continued to work. – The delta spread rapidly through the central island of Viti Levo.

Movement was banned in the worst-affected areas, but working for low-income people and complying to support their families has been an issue. The hospital system is in disarray.The government has resisted the national lockdown, citing economic consequences, for making sick people live in homes and communal environments.

Since Delta’s inception, the total number of cases has risen to more than 40,000, with more than 400 deaths, including several pregnant women and a teenager. Until last week, local media reported. Anyone who was not fully vaccinated died.

Fiji’s vaccination rate was low when the current epidemic began, but has improved significantly. Sixty percent have received at least one dose and about a quarter have been fully vaccinated.

New Zealand, as a rich country, is not fuzzy in benefits. Now that Coveid is 19. Possibly spread beyond Viti Liu.It is unlikely that the epidemic will be brought under control quickly.

While New South Wales, Vietnam and Fiji show how the first successful reaction could fall under the weight of the Delta, others show that it is not inevitable.

Taiwan has become famous for managing infectious diseases. Including Coved 19.

Like New Zealand, Taiwan has adopted an eradication strategy that has kept the virus at bay for a long time. Unlike New Zealand, Taiwan has not relied on immediate, severe lockdowns in response to new cases, which favors greater focus on proactive public health measures.

But in early May, an epidemic broke out, beginning with an airport worker. This alpha was different, not a delta لیکن but things were growing fast, and it was the first major epidemic in the self-governing region, which many suggested. The result of being satisfied.

It was during this epidemic, on June 26. Delta also appeared in the community.

Although some people had the worst fears – vaccination rates in Taiwan were significantly lower at the time, only 0.1% of the population was fully vaccinated – the epidemic has so far been contained.

Two weeks after it was discovered, Delta Cluster. It looks like a seal., And vaccination rates are rising rapidly.

The area uses a four-tier alert system like New Zealand, but has stricter standards for reaching level four. During the recent epidemic, it imposed three levels of sanctions – sometimes called “soft lockdown.” Less than two degrees recently

A few weeks ago, the Australian state of Queensland reported its first community case of the Delta variety.

The sequence of events was very similar to what has since happened in Auterwa, and will likely serve as a guide for the authorities here.

It started with a high school student who took a positive test for Delta. The next day, the student’s six close contacts also had a positive experience, including his close family. That afternoon, July 31, Three day lockdown It was enforced in most parts of the state, including Brisbane, with restrictions such as Auterwa’s Alert Level Four.

There was a rapid increase in new cases, most of which were related to the first case, which became known as the endoproliferative cluster. Places of interest include a shopping mall, hospital and school.

Instead of getting out of hand, things have slowed down – for now, at least. There are about 100 cases associated with the epidemic, with only six new cases reported in the last five days.

The lockdown was lifted on August 8., Similar to New Zealand’s Alert Level 3. It was due to lift further sanctions on Friday.

There was a similar story in South Australia, inherited from the outbreak of New South Wales in late June.

An 81-year-old man who had just returned from Argentina and was in a quarantine in Sydney was somehow affected before returning to Adelaide.

State Entered a seven-day lockdown., With strict movement restrictions. The initial concern was that it might get out of hand – places of interest were malls and schools, with thousands of possible contacts.

As for what will happen next in Queensland, the case did not come to light. Only a few dozen cases were reported before the outbreak.

Lockdown Picked up as scheduled.

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