Cowade 19 New Zealand: Deadlock over whether Parliament should sit next week during the lockdown.

There is tension over whether Parliament or Select Committees should return to Level 4 next week.

Parliament’s all-important business committee met on Friday after the lockdown, but failed to reach a “unanimous” decision, as was the case during Level 4 last year.

Although the committee does not require all parties to agree on its decisions, it does require a strong majority – national and Labor.

Parliament was due to return on Tuesday, August 24.

Speaker Trevor Mallard, chairman of the business committee, said it was not possible for parliament to return next week but that no real decision had been made because the committee could not agree with anyone – meaning the National had objected. What was

“It is unlikely that the House will sit next week, but no such decision has been made.”

He said that if the House did not sit then there would be television select committees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

But that does not mean the return of the Epidemic Response Committee, which the opposition won last year when it agreed to suspend parliament.

Instead, they will be regular select committees, headed by government MPs.

Home National Shadow Leader Chris Bishop has been asked to comment.

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