Cowed 19: Auckland University and two more schools confirm the positive test.

Auckland University student who lives in a hall of residence, and two are Auckland High School students Tested positive for Covid 19.

Auckland University confirmed the positive case Friday night.

The university said the student, a resident of the Whittaker block of central Auckland, attended classes on campus on Monday, August 16 and Tuesday, August 17.

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The student is studying at the University of Auckland City Campus.  (File photo)


The student is studying at the University of Auckland City Campus. (File photo)

The student then traveled to Wellington with his family on Thursday, August 19, and was now isolated at home after receiving a positive test on Friday.

“The university is working with the relevant health agencies on this situation, and adheres to their protocols, including contact tracking, assisting our students and protecting the wider community of the university,” he said. For. “

“We’ll provide more updates as soon as the information is available.”

Meanwhile, parents of students at Mangla East’s De La Salle College and McAllie High School in Athoho have received emails stating that each school has a positive case.

De La Salle College student attended school, while a contagious and Macaulay High School student went to school on Tuesday, August 17, the same day as contagious.

“In addition to visiting the testing facility, you will need to stay at home and isolate yourself if you become ill with Covid 19,” the letter said.

“Anyone in the household with whom you live will also need to isolate themselves until you return a negative five-day test result.”

Auckland is the second university to be affected by the growing cluster. Near Auckland University of Technology had a positive experience.

The case took place last Tuesday between 11.30am and 1pm at the City Campus with 84 other people attending a social organization lecture.

Three other high schools have recently tested a student for the virus – Avondale College, Northcote College and Linfield College.

Earlier, it was announced on Friday. Alert Level 4 will be extended. For the whole country on Tuesday, August 24 at 11.59 pm.

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