Daily Happiness: Social Media Content from Lockdown Day 3.

As the country wakes up for the third day in Level Four Lockdown, some people are feeling a little down in the dump. However, at times like these it becomes clear how lucky we are to be connected to the Internet.

For this reason, we’ve decided to compile some inspiring, funny, and healthy content that came out of Auterwa during the lockdown:

Many dogs may feel like they’ve gotten better over the past week because all of a sudden their owners don’t want to leave and when they do they just have to be taken for a walk.

Working from home meant that Korn Dawn, who presented RNZ’s Morning Report, was even a special guest in the studio for today’s program.

Everyone is probably feeling a little slower than usual, or maybe you are wanting a little more normal because we are going through the third day of lockdown.

If you need any organizational inspiration, look no further than this incredible plan for your day in this 12-year-old lockdown, she is seriously showing a lot of adults with this diary.

New Zealanders may be moving away from TV these days and engaging in a variety of streaming services, but there is nothing to bring the country together for a routine viewing, such as the Kovid 19 press conferences.

He is in fact so famous that he has even got his own IMDB page.

With the confirmation of the Cowed 19 cases in Wellington today, the social media pundit noted the timely silver line of the capital’s troubled sewer pipes.

As if he was already aware that Code had taken him to Wellington, a resident took a hard line for his PPE this morning.

A lot of people will be taking up new lockdown hobbies at the moment, but no one is matched by the sophistication of the Kiwi who is making it his mission to imitate fine art with a slight lockdown twist.

Finally, the neighborhood has developed a unique way to keep the sense of community alive with a mutual chalk wall.


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