Iwi reopens vaccination clinic and testing station

Auckland iwi Ngāti Whutua Orakei says he is ready to help his community throughout the lockdown.

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For the past three months, it has been increasing its resources to help those in need and to provide essential services, including GP practice.

Ngāti Whātua Orakei Whai Maia Chief Executive Rangimari Hania said that iwi It has reopened its vaccination center and Covid 19 testing station.

He said Hapo was ready to help Hanu for another six weeks.

Ngāti Whātua Orakei is working really hard which I think is a wonderful Maori health network in Tamaki Makurao.

“This morning we have lines going out a hundred meters away who want to be vaccinated … we will be open every day for weeks and months to come.

She said she wanted to tell all Maori families who would like to be vaccinated that they would be helped.

The Coveid 19 testing station has been set up at the Auckland Netball Court.

Hania said Hape had to mobilize the necessary manpower to help the community.

He said the government would need to mobilize its resources more rapidly in the coming days.

She was familiar with families who could not leave their homes for a variety of reasons. There were children who needed immunizations and mothers needed some support to access moss and other things.

Extremely vulnerable people like Komatova and Koya also need help.

Te Runanga o Ngāti Whātua covers the upper north of Auckland.

Chief Operating Officer Anthony Thompson said III’s response has been rapid, but lessons from past lockdowns have raised hopes that help will continue.

“We are ready for Delta; we have invested more resources in our Howrah, our social services and our Tangata services to deal with the influx,” he said.

“We’re making sure there are bubbles around our bats and our core, and each bubble has a key vanity that plays a leading role.”

He said the IUI wanted to see the same support from the government that was offered in the previous lockdown – including the Ministries of Social Development, Maori Development, Health and Education.

“It’s resourcefulness from the Crown that we’re thinking about … to empower my Ivy and Hapo and take care of our Vanuatu.”



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