Lockdown Day 3: What Happened Today?

It was news that no one wanted to hear. The Delta format could not be incorporated into Auckland and has spread, with three confirmed cases in Wellington.

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When the cases were announced in the capital this morning, it was clear that the entire nation would be in lockdown.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed in the afternoon that we would remain on alert level 4 until at least midnight on Tuesday.

The cabinet will meet on Monday to decide on the next step at the country’s alert level.

Ardern told the media that the move means it will take more time to assess how much the country has been affected.

“We don’t just know the full extent of this delta epidemic. It all tells us we need to be careful,” he said.

The trio had recently traveled to Auckland and visited places of interest there. Two of them had traveled back by car and stopped on the way. Another had taken a flight from home.

Eight new cases of Community Quad 19 were announced this afternoon. In a statement, the health ministry said 31 cases were now linked to the Auckland community epidemic.

“All cases are being safely transferred to a facility of administrative isolation, under strict infection prevention and control procedures, including the use of full PPE,” he said.

Of 11 new community cases There were three separate cases that were in the family bubble with the previously reported cases, while today’s two cases are also in the family bubble together.

All are interviewing about their movements in recent days.

In other developments, an International Air New Zealand crew member reported yesterday that the border case was not linked to Auckland’s outbreak, based on the results of genome sequencing. There were also two new cases of administrative isolation.

Places of interest increase.

Places of interest have increased today with newly identified cases and are being updated regularly. On the Ministry’s website.

The first area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest in the Wellington area was identified as a sushi restaurant, which included several bus routes, a kindergarten, churches and an RSA bowling in Auckland.

A visit to Sushi Purreva at 10 Cerleby Place took place between 6.15pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday.

About 12,200 individual contacts in community cases were identified this morning, including contacts from major settings such as Evandel College and Central Auckland Church of Christ, which are still under review.

Queue of vehicles outside Northcote Testing Station.

Queue of vehicles outside Northcote Testing Station.
Image: RNZ / America News

As the queues get bigger, the testing jumps.

Investigations have intensified with reports of an outbreak. Today thousands of people waited outside testing centers across the country, especially in Auckland and Wellington.

There were A total of 27,899 tests were performed in New Zealand yesterday.. The ministry said it was the busiest day ever at Auckland testing centers, with more than 50 per cent, 24,000 swabs taken. There are 13 community testing centers available for testing in Auckland today, including Northcote and St. Lucas.

A health worker is on duty at Devon Port Testing Station.

A health worker is on duty at Devon Port Testing Station.
Image: RNZ / America News

Hospital staff were examined.

About 26,600 brooms planted by Auckland City Hospital staff have so far been negative, with one member of staff working there completely unvaccinated while potentially inadvertently infectious.

North Shore Hospital took action after confirming that a patient had tested positive for Code-19 and was treated there.

At least 30 Northern Hospital staff had direct contact with one patient. The hospital’s emergency department and short-stay surgical unit have been closed.

About 120 to 120 staff members may be present in the affected areas as a patient.

New Zealand Post affected

New Zealand Post A positive case of Covid 19 also came to light. This morning, a temporary worker at his Auckland Operations Center in Highbrook. The staff was being checked.

Dr. Bloomfield, director general of health, said testing rates across the country were six to 10 times higher than normal.


Evandel College.

Evandel College.
Image: RNZ / America News

The most important places of interest today went with the news of a student. At Northcote College – Positive tested for Covid 19. The student went to school on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Staff and students were instructed to isolate themselves at home.

Linfield College in Mount Rosekel also confirmed that a student tested positive. All staff and students are considered close contacts and are now isolating themselves. The student was infected at school on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Vaccination resumes and bookings skyrocket

Vaccination clinics have resumed after a one-day break to accommodate the Alert Level 4 protocol, but An Auckland clinic said it was now halving the number. About the vaccine that it was before the lockdown. In the last two days, four lakh bookings have been made for vaccination.

Police pop-up checkpoint.

There are twelve people. Cowed 19 accused of violating sanctions The latest alert since the start of Level 4 lockdown, police announced today.

The allegations were mostly in connection with the protests, with 20 additional regular warnings issued for violations.

Between midnight on August 17 and 5 pm on August 19, police received 1869 reports of online violations – 670 related to tobacco macaque, Commissioner Andrew Coaster said.

“Of those reports, 984 were about a gathering, 742 about a business and 143 about an individual,” Coaster said.

Meanwhile, a police officer in Mahia is sending home on holiday as a local iwi trust is considering setting up road checkpoints. The vacationers had traveled as far as Wellington, only to be told to go home. Constable Chad Prentice to go home..


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