Loose dogs killed 11 farm pets ‘for play’

Waiko's men are upset over the lack of animal control after Derek killed 11 dogs' pets.


Waiko’s men are upset over the lack of animal control after Derek killed 11 dogs’ pets.

A vicious man who killed 11 pets in a dog attack in one night is upset that no action has been taken.

Derek woke up Thursday morning to a terrifying sight he saw on his two-hectare lifestyle block near River Road Ngorwahia.

Six adult alpacas, two ewes and three lambs were killed – one male alpaca survived with serious injuries.

“He was fired today because his entire back was torn,” Hooker said. Equipment. “The doctor has patted him. We think he will recover.

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“But you can only imagine the horror. It went through an electric fence, and the number eight wire fence broke in an attempt to escape the animals.”

Having all kinds of animals on their property, including horses, sheep, beef, chickens and dogs, they have become restless after attacking their pets.

“They all had names, while we put some animals in the freezer to kill at home. The majority are pets. Thanks to my three young children, they take their names, so if they end up with a name. They don’t go in the freezer.

“Our house is known as the local circus, so we get a lot of people here, kindly bring their kids here for tours, a couple of animals have their own Facebook page.”

Six of Hokar's elders were killed in the attack.


Six of Hokar’s elders were killed in the attack.

Hooker buried all 11 animals in a mass grave on Thursday.

“So it’s not great – it’s been a difficult day.”

There were no witnesses to the attack, but Hacker believes he knows the dogs that attacked.

There are only four dogs in the whole area and two of them are ours, and they were inside.

“The other two dogs are from one of the five properties, and they roam all the way from here, and we are constantly taking them back to their owners.

“We have had concerns for the last 18 months about dogs roaming our property with newborn animals.”

Hooker called Waikato District Council Animal Control after the attack and was initially told he could not get out because of Cove 19 Level 4 but would leave a statement in his letterbox to join them. Go and come back to them.

But Hooker believes that under pressure from the police, an animal control officer went to his property but did not get out of the vehicle. And after talking to Hooker, he talked to the alleged dog owner and texted Hooker to tell him that the dogs were already loose.

“There are real concerns, as our neighbors have alpacas, and they have young grandchildren and I have young children, and often all the children are in the paddocks themselves.

“And what we saw. [Wednesday] The attack of the night is that they did not kill for food, they killed for sports. They took off the animals and didn’t eat anything from them, it was just a game.

Hoker is now worried that the dogs have tasted blood and may continue to do so.

“It’s just that the people who control the animals don’t have the power to do anything about it.”

Animal control has left Hooker in a trap, and he has spoken to police.

“I have done some research on what my rights are, and it is unfortunate to say that if I find animals on our property harassing our stock, we have a right to extinguish them.

“But I don’t want to go down this road, but if they come back, I don’t want any other animal to be killed the way they were killed.”

Sarah Burke, Waikato District Council’s community safety manager, said she was aware of the situation.

“We have responded to the incident, and are investigating at this stage that there are no witnesses to the attack.”

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