Plans to reopen the already delayed transmission alley motorway

It is further doubted that the reopening of the already delayed transmission alley motorway north of Wellington is planned for the end of September.

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Work is underway on a section of the Transmission Street Motorway in November 2020.
Image: RNZ / Dom Thomas

Waka Kotahi has given the necessary status to those working in the transmission street to keep the site safe during lockdown.

However, resource approval by the Greater Wellington Regional Council can no longer be completed due to lockdown restrictions.

This could affect the opening date of September 27.

The project is already behind, meaning the building company will lose 7. 7.5 million in bonuses and a ڈالر 250,000 fine for each day’s work.

Council chairperson Darren Ponter said he was in frequent talks with the road builder and Waka Kotahi.

“The regional council will have to be able to bring its staff to the road corridor to actually monitor whether the terms of the resource consent have been met or under Level 4, which can be somewhat disturbing,” Ponter said. “

An earlier report in August. Before the transmission line opened, a long list of jobs emerged that needed to be eliminated., Which will probably not be done before the extended completion date.


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