Record number of tests, but people were urged to get only one if needed.

People are being urged to get tested only if they contact, visit a place of interest or have symptoms of cold and flu.

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Image: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a statement that yesterday was the busiest day for testing centers in Auckland, with more than 50 per cent.

“A total of more than 24,000 community tests were performed in Auckland, in more than 8,000 community testing centers and approximately 16,000 in general practice and emergency care clinics,” the ministry said in a statement.

A total of 27,899 tests were performed in New Zealand yesterday.

People waited in line for hours, some left after giving up, and others complained of jumping in line.

MOH repeats its advice – just to check if you are in touch, visited the place of interest at a specific time and date. [ healthpoint website], Or cold and flu symptoms.

“It is important that we prioritize screening of these groups,” the ministry said.

The ministry thanked New Zealanders for their role in complying with Alert Level 4, taking the test and their patience when there is a huge demand.

The ministry also thanked the testing staff for stepping in again – these staff are making personal sacrifices on the front line of our Code-19 response, in a high-pressure environment and to keep their communities safe.

He said police were assisting in traffic control at checkpoints.

People wait for the test of Cowid 19 at the testing center via Orchard Road Drive in Christchurch

People wait for the test of the Covid 19 at the testing center via Orchard Road Drive in Christchurch.
Image: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

After the announcement of three cases in the capital, the number of Wellington residents going out for the test of Quaid 19 increased significantly.

People at the Tarnaki Street testing site were anxious about the cases in Wellington – acknowledging the low use of the Quaid Tracer app in the city.

One woman said, “Worried, yes, I’m worried. I think I had a bad sense of security that it was only in Auckland.”

Another said, “If you’re going to a store and they have the scanner code in the window, it takes three seconds from your time to scan it …

One man suggested that the government need to introduce a policy to ensure that people are scanning.

Health officials are making sure there is plenty of extra testing space in Wellington if needed.

Meanwhile, troubled Aucklanders began arriving at the test centers long before the test centers opened this morning.

A young man was waiting in line for the New Lin Testing Center when he was in Bar 101 that night as a Cowed 19 positive case.

He pushed the line forward in about 60 minutes – about 50 meters – and his friends waited for hours.

“A long wait but I brought some drinks for breakfast, downloaded some Netflix movies – I’m ready,” he said.

People are asked to try to get tested at their GP, or if they go to a community testing center, bring their ID and their National Health Index number.

Testing sites.

The MOH said 13 community testing centers were available for testing in Auckland today, and all were open until 8 p.m. These included seven pop-up community testing centers in Seven Neck, St. Lucas, Virao Valley, St. John’s, Albany, Manger East, and Pakuranga Heights.

“There is an additional dedicated test for Evandal College staff, students and veterans, who are considered close contacts.

“Furthermore, about 26,600 brooms have been taken onsite from Auckland City Hospital staff and so far all have been negative. After being infected. “

Pop-up testing sites remain open in Coromandel Township, Thames and Hamilton – and testing capacity has been increased.

The Vyakto DHB’s laboratory performed a total of about 2,600 tests yesterday, all of which returned negative results.

The ministry said there is a range of testing sites in Wellington, and additional testing is available if needed.

“All DHBs are making sure that there is good access to testing in all areas. Further consideration is being given to increase the geographical spread of testing in more places, including rural areas, so that it can be ascertained. To date, no one has been identified. “

The total number of Cove 19 tests conducted by laboratories so far is 2,612,235, with a seven-day rolling average of 9,085.

In Waikato, testing sites have been set up at Coromandel Town Car Park, the Memorial Sports Ground in Tokorova, the Cladlands Events Center in Hamilton and the Founders Theater Car Park in Hamilton.


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