Record numbers for the Cowboys 19 were tested in Auckland.

More than 50,000 people have been tested. The first community case in the latest epidemic was announced on Tuesday in Auckland for Cowade 19.

Queue at St. Lucas Cove 19 Testing Center on 20/8/2021.

Queue today at St. Lucas Cove 19 Testing Center.
Image: RNZ / America News

In the last three days, 14,000 nasal swabs have been taken in community testing centers, about 30,000 in general practice and urgent care clinics, and 8,000 through DHB.

The biggest day of testing in the city so far was Thursday, when more than 24,000 people swept – an increase of 50% from the previous busiest day in August last year when 16,000 people were swept.

Fipolai Margi Apa, head of the Northern Region Health Coordination Center (and chief executive of Counties Manukau Health), thanked everyone involved in the response.

“Testing plays an important role in the management of Code-19 in our communities,” Apa said.

This large number of tests in such a short time highlights the hard work that our testing staff, community and primary health care staff in the Northern Territory, including Maori and Pacific providers and emergency care clinics, health care workers, laboratories Workers and DHB staff have assisted in the immediate identification of any new cases.

A health worker at Davenport Cowed 19 testing station.

A health worker at Davenport Cowed 19 testing station.
Image: RNZ / America News

Apa also thanked the people for their patience, adding that the record demand has put a lot of pressure on the testing centers.

The staff was working hard to set up additional testing centers, but some people waited a long time.

Apa said the NRHCC has doubled the number of community testing centers in the region in the last three days, including several pop-up centers. Additional checkpoints have been deployed at the centers and traffic management was in place, with the help of police.

Apa also acknowledged the efforts of laboratory teams across the city to process samples.

The volume of bushes needs to be processed, which has led to some delays in getting test results. In other parts of the country, additional staff has been added to manage the large number of tests and labs that are assisting Auckland’s laboratories.

Apa said: “As we go on weekends, I urge people to stay calm and follow the public health advice so that only tests can be done if you were at the place of interest at the appointed time or you have symptoms. The tests will be available in Auckland this weekend. “

For information At test sites For details in Auckland All test locations.


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