Sir Graham Lowe saw a new style of footy emerge in the Warriors under Nathan Brown.

Rugby League icon Sir Graham Lowe says he has seen Nathan Brown put his stamp on the Warriors over the past few weeks, but still thinks he will be in the top eight.

The former Manley, Queensland, Wagon and Kiwis coach told Stuff that he felt the Warriors had managed to end the style of play that had angered the club over the years and that as a coach Brown had Has been allowed to express itself in the field. More.

Because of this they go inside. Sunday’s game against the Broncos. With a fairly easy home game against the Broncos, Raiders and Titans, they want to enter the top eight by winning three games.

“If you look at the beginning of the year, you can see that the last half-dozen games were quite scary for them,” Lou said.

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“But aside from that, he’s been playing terribly all year and his style of play has not been good.

“But to win the game they’ve won, they seem far more relaxed.

Josh Korn introduces personality to Warriors Forward Pack, Sir Graham Low thinks.

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Josh Korn introduces personality to Warriors Forward Pack, Sir Graham Low thinks.

“The Warriors have been one of the most programmed aspects I’ve ever seen in rugby league.

“It was like no one was allowed to think for themselves. This has been going on for the last few years and it took a long time for the current group of players to change and that was one of the challenges for Nathan Brown.

“I can finally see them play using their own imagination.

“The Warriors were very predictable and the opposition teams could work on their game plan before they played, because you knew who was going to take the ball and who was going to do this and that.

“They were just predicting that it was ridiculous. But now I’m seeing some imagination and it’s good that it’s there.

Lou selected Josh Korn as the player who has lifted the Warriors the most in recent weeks, the energy and gameplay of the second rover impressed the team.

“I think Josh Korn is close to being the best Warriors player,” Lou said.

“They’re struggling halfway through, there’s something wrong, but with Koran, what I like about it is that the Warriors blame all the forwards for playing the same kind of football.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, they’ve all looked like a player for the last five or six years, but they have different numbers on their backs and no personality.

“But Josh has introduced the personality to Forward Pack and it alone has changed the style of play and their destiny.”

The Melbourne Storm helped the Warriors beat the Titans 34-20 on Thursday night for their 19th consecutive victory. It’s an impressive feat, but it’s still a trail behind a 29-game winning streak that Wagon won in 1987 under Lou.

Although the Broncos are 15th on the ladder, they are on the mend, showing that the Chickens lost 21-20 last weekend.

“The Broncos have a funny side, they play one of the best football brands for the worst results,” Lou said.

“They play a much better brand than the Warriors, but the Warriors have achieved better results.”

The Warriors’ recent run has given their longtime fans hope that they can make it to the finals. But to do so, they need to win their remaining three games and hope that other results will follow in their footsteps and Lou is not optimistic.

“I think it would be a miracle if they made the top eight,” Lou said.

“I can’t see them make it and I think they can fight to win on Sunday.”

At a glance

Reality box.

Broncos vs. Warriors.

Sankarp Stadium, Brisbane.

Get started: 6.05pm Sunday

Referee: Matt Seichen

Broncos: Tesi Niu, Corey Oates, Selwyn Cobb, Herbie Farnworth, Xavier Coates, Anthony Milford, Albert Kelly Thomas Flagler, Danny Levy, Pinehouse, Alex Glenn (c), Jordan Reiki, Kobe Heatherington. Interchange (from): David Mead, Rice Kennedy, Ethan Blimore, TC Robati, Corey Pax, Brendan Piacora, Brody Craft, Jack Thorpen.

Fighters: Race Walsh, Dylan Watten-Zelzenik, Peta Hico, Adam Pompeo, Marcelo Montoya, Chanel Harris-Twita, Sean O’Sullivan; Eden Fonova-Blake (J), Wide Egan, Jamin Tonova-Brown, Josh Koran, Yuan Aitken, Bailey Serenon. Interchange (from): Cody Nicorima, Bunty Afwa, Alyssa Katova, Jazz Tiwaga, Edward Kosi, Jackson Free, Jack Morchi, Chad Town Sands.

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