The Auckland University student came back positive for Coved 19

University of Auckland Y-Perry Hall students have been asked to isolate themselves in their rooms after a fellow student returned a positive test for Covid 19.

Auckland, New Zealand - March 1, 2017: The sign and logo of the University of Auckland is located near modern Dark Gray offices in Green Park.  Gray sky

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Image: Claudine van Mason Howe.

The student was a resident of the Whitaker block but left and returned to Wellington on Thursday, where he is separated from his family after a positive outcome today.

There are three known cases of Covid 19 in Wellington, confirmed by the Ministry of Health in their 1 p.m. update.

The students of Waipura Hall were informed about the new case around 9 pm.

The student attended classes on campus Monday and Tuesday, Auckland University said in a statement.

The Whitaker block is also believed to have hosted a ball at Wipery Hall on Saturday.

The statement said, “The university is working closely with relevant health agencies on this situation, and is following their protocols, including contact tracing, assisting our students and the wider community of the university.” For safety. “

“We will provide more updates as soon as the information is available.”

The university also said on its website that “as the number of ‘places of interest’ increases every day, some of our students and staff may be identified as close or casual contacts of an already confirmed case.” Has done “.

“The university is well-prepared for this, with a detailed process for handling the situation. We encourage all students to be vaccinated when they qualify and to take the Covid 19 test if needed.”

Before today, it was revealed that Three of the 11 new community cases are in Wellington. He visited a place of interest in Auckland over the weekend and returned to the capital before the country went into lockdown.

In addition, people who were on a NZ445 flight from Auckland to Wellington last Sunday at 5pm have been told to stay isolated for 14 days and test the Covid 19 as soon as possible.

Two people who have now positively tested the Cove 19 were on the flight.


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