The emotional turmoil for Defense Force personnel is troubling for its trapped Afghan allies

The Defense Forces (NZDF) says it has not stopped its staff from helping friends working with them in Afghanistan, and that the “sadness and Understands “anxiety”.

Thousands are waiting to arrive by air from Kabul. Mercy flight from New Zealand On the way to the Middle East with 80 Defense Force personnel. There is an emergency evacuation list with 37 Afghan allies and their families. A source of tension for many Afghan refugees in New Zealand and Afghanistan., Who are desperately trying to find out who has been approved for rescue.

on Friday, Equipment Reported The NZDF sent a message to staff asking them not to seek information or assistance for the Afghans with whom they worked in the country.

Email, viewed by Equipment“Former employees of various units have been in touch with LECs,” he said. [locally employed civilians] Or people who know an Afghan who was LEC.

NZDF personnel working on the evacuation mission “did not want to provide any advice, assistance or formal correspondence to anyone seeking residency in New Zealand, refugee status or future employment.”

“In all cases, anyone seeking advice will be sent to the Immigration New Zealand website.”

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An NZDF spokesman said that did not mean they were telling people to stop trying to help.

“Our people have been advised that the best way to help is to send them to the MFAT website with complete information on evacuation eligibility and, most importantly, from the MFAT. Contact details are available so that they can deal directly with these people

The spokesman said the instructions given in Operation Coca-Cola were “standard” and were given to all NZDF personnel serving overseas.

An RNZAF Hercules flew to Afghanistan on Thursday on a merciful route.

David White / Stuff.

An RNZAF Hercules flew to Afghanistan on Thursday on a merciful route.

The events in Afghanistan have affected the personnel of the Defense Forces.

“A lot of people have expressed concerns about the people they made bonds with and who helped with the deployment of the NZDF.

“We are aware of the impact current events could have on our people and we have offered all the facilities that NZDF can offer to those who need it.

In it, Chief of Defense Air Marshal Kevin Short called on comrades and commanders who have served in Afghanistan to reach out to those who have left the military.

Afghanistan was and still is an important part of the NZDF’s history. Our people went there to help. The New Zealand Defense Force is proud of its service in Afghanistan. Recent events do not detract from this service.

But Equipment has been Contacted those involved in the dispute. He said he felt the message reflected the NZDF’s desire to stop people from getting information about Afghan friends.

“They sent an email to everyone in defense,” the source said.

“There is no acknowledgment that people are hurting. They are telling NZDF staff not to seek knowledge or advice or anything about their friends. Everyone is really concerned about people who He also worked in Afghanistan.

More than 3,500 Kiwi soldiers served in Afghanistan, where ten people lost their lives.

The C-130, sent by New Zealand on Thursday, will be part of the Hercules Allied Air Bridge. Assisted evacuation of New Zealanders And from Afghanistan to other airports in the Middle East, with the possibility of several flights.

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