The Perfect Stranger: Amazon’s star cast can’t recreate the magic of Little Lies.

Overview: Hopefully the television lightning strikes twice, David E. Kelly has replaced another. Big and small lies. Author Lian Moriarthi’s novels in a series full of stars.

But, despite such strong pairs, Nine perfect strangers (Now playing on Amazon Prime Video) Never reached the heights of the first show, less arrogant, its proximity to similar sets and themes White lotus And Old And, arguably, Nicole Kidman’s incredible Russian accent.

She plays Masha Dmitrichenko, an enlightened guru and owner of Trunkulum House, a top-secret health and wellness resort that promises to change lives.

Deliberately not printing any footage on social media – and banning junk food along with cell phones – has relied on words to attract its sometimes incredibly rich customers.

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The latest consignment includes author Francis Valletti (Melissa McCarthy), celebrity couple Jessica (Samara Weung) and Ben Chandler (Mellon Gregg), crappy addict Tony Hogburn (Bobby Canwell), coward Carmel Schneider (Regina Hall), secret and secret Lars Included. Lee (Luke Evans) and three members of the Marconi family – high school teacher Napoleon (Michael Shannon), wife Heather (Asher Cady) and daughter Zoe (Grace van Patten) – all three later due to the significant price break they got there. .

Each group has its own reasons for being there and each individual has their own ideas and prejudices about what is going to happen in the next 10 days. Some, like Lars, curb sanctions, others, like Francis, have to deal with new crises, but not all are ready for their first encounter with specially prepared drinks, personal advisers and Masha. ۔

Nicole Kidman and Samara Weaving are among the stars featured in Nine Perfect Strangers.

Vance Valletti.

Nicole Kidman and Samara Weaving are among the stars featured in Nine Perfect Strangers.

“It will be unpleasant at times,” she warns Frances, before she tells the story of her growing consumerism, workaholism and extreme competition, which almost ended in death and resulted in her Was reborn.

“You’re all here to die,” Masha told her fans. “None of you will back down, you will not escape. I mean with all of you.”

The opening episode definitely makes for a provocative and provocative experience, setting the scene, plot and characters well. But Deja Vu also has feelings for veteran TV writer Kelly, John Henry Butterworth.Ford vs. FerrariAnd Samantha Strauss (Australian teen drama). Dance Academy.The story and, to a lesser extent, the disappointment that the show did not retain its Australian characters and layout (although the production was moved there because of Cowade).

Really, something StrangerProblems can be lessened by its source material, which, despite being a best-seller, attracts moderate reviews, mainly because of its emphasis on the characters in the story.

Ultimately, enjoying nine perfect strangers can lower your tolerance for Nicole Kidman's seemingly ruthless and ruthless Masha.

Vance Valletti.

Ultimately, enjoying nine perfect strangers can lower your tolerance for Nicole Kidman’s seemingly ruthless and ruthless Masha.

Some of them, at least initially, feel a bit one-sided here, although McCarthy is a standout and Shannon, who is known for playing more decisive roles in films. 99 houses. And The shape of water., Works well as a blind Napoleon.

Finally, while White lotus And Succession Proved that we can never treat the rich badly, enjoy yourself. Stranger You will come to terms with Kidman’s seemingly ruthless and ruthless Masha.

Nine perfect strangers Amazon Prime is now available to stream video.

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