Timaki Makurao assures homeless accommodation during lockdown.

Agencies working with Auckland’s homeless community say anyone who sleeps rough can want to live during a lockdown.

Homelessness in central Auckland.

Agencies are reaching out to people sleeping in Auckland.
Image: RNZ / Luke McPack.

During Alert Level 4 last year, most IDPs across the country were placed in emergency housing.

Many of them are still in safe houses, so there is not a uniform level of need at the moment, said Peter Schmuel, Lifewise Community Services Manager.

“The community we work with is actually living or in temporary or emergency housing,” he said.

“Early signs are that we are not seeing so many people who are not at home, we are focusing too much on those who are living in the short term and seeing that they have got what they need. Is. . “

But Samuel said there are options for people who have been displaced, who want to build a house.

“We run a motel in Epsom where we found some vacancies during this time if anyone got stuck or became homeless.

“We will make sure we get people to the right place where they have a nice warm place and a roof over their heads.”

The Auckland City Mission is working with government agencies to ensure that any obese sleepers who wish to stay indoors can be locked up.

City Commissioner Helen Robinson said her teams have been helping the homeless community.

“If someone is on the street and they say they want to come in, we will work. [the Ministry of Social Development] Or [the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development] Bring them home soon. “

The Auckland City Mission is also offering food and other assistance to people on the streets.

Both Mission and Lifewise are essential services, so you can continue working on Alert Level Four under strict protocol.


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