‘Totally Unacceptable’: Kickboxing Trainer Baby Nintendo Banned After One Year Banned

A prominent kickboxing trainer who punched and verbally abused a judge in front of a sold-out crowd says he is taking full responsibility for the incident as he faces a 12-month ban from all competitions. ۔

Baby Nancy. She runs Smack Gym (South Auckland Martial Arts) in Menorca, where she trains fighters, but is one of New Zealand’s leading martial arts athletes, winning titles in kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai.

Equipment The shocking news last Saturday night at YMCA Auckland City was witnessed by a huge crowd, including children, at a show of all ages.

Baby Nintendo punched a male judge in the head after deciding against a fighting boy.

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Baby Nintendo punched a male judge in the head after deciding against a fighting boy.

A Nansen fighter, who was competing in Born to Fight 10 on August 14, lost a fight by a controversial decision and got into a verbal altercation with one of the competing judges.

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A sensational Nintendo further abused a male judge before punching him in the head.

In addition to being banned from competing as a trainer and fighter, Ninson has been suspended indefinitely by New Zealand’s leading martial arts gym, City Kickboxing.

She was training outside the gym to prepare for the upcoming competition, which has now been canceled, and had previously fought under the banner of City Kickboxing despite running her own gym.

“We consider these actions shameful and strongly condemn them,” said Eugene Barryman, City Kickboxing head coach. Equipment.

A member of the Fight Sports community, who asked not to be named, criticized Nancy’s behavior because she supported him. City kickboxing calls a The cowardly punch law will be introduced. Following Gym member Fu Weike dies in May And Smack trains kids at the gym.

The judges were affiliated with the New Zealand Global Fighting Networks (GFN), which provides independent officials for martial arts competitions in New Zealand.

“Attacking an official is completely unacceptable under any circumstances and we are deeply disappointed by the move by someone who has given so much to the fighting community in the past,” said GFN President Terry Hill.

BB Nancy is well known in the boxing and kickboxing circles in New Zealand.

Supplied / Equipment

BB Nancy is well known in the boxing and kickboxing circles in New Zealand.

Ninson issued an apology to Hill and the official on Sunday.

“Very honestly, after the restoration talks, we’ve decided to move on and personally truly accept his apology and remorse,” Hill said.

“However, from an organizational point of view, we need to protect our officials and take a stand against this kind of behavior. 12 months. “

In a statement issued on Equipment, Nensen has said he is “really sorry” and has begun the process of editing.

“As a result, I have voluntarily given up on encircling my fighters while I take the necessary steps.

“I am taking full responsibility for my actions and the impact it has had on my people.

“I let my heart dominate my professionalism and let my gym, my team go down and as a result brought the game into disrepute.

“I really like what I do in combat. This is my life and I will continue to live and learn from it.”

Nanson apologized to the entire martial arts community, including officials, approval bodies, his former coaches and promoters.

Berman said he was notified the morning after the incident.

“The event was for the athlete’s potential as a coach and corner person for his own gym, an event we had nothing to do with.

“We met with the athlete on Monday, canceled a match he was going to compete in and suspended him from City Kickboxing indefinitely.

“Even though the athlete has been removed from the gym, we will help him get the guidance and advice he needs to deal with the issues that lead to this incident,” Bremen said.

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