Long wait for the health line despite receiving calls from 300 staff.

In response to the dramatic increase in calls, the health line has brought in more than 300 additional staff over the past few days.

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Some people had to wait 50 minutes to talk to someone.
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But people are still reporting long waits because they are trying to get advice on Covid 19.

Wahakrongorau Outerwa Coved operates 19 health line services.

Chief executive Andrew Slater said Thursday was the busiest day on the healthcare record, with about 33,000 calls to various services.

The Covid 19 Vaccination Helpline is answering about 1,700 calls an hour.

By 4 p.m. Friday, more than 900 staff were calling.

Slater said, “We continue to activate our expansion plans and increase our resources in the CWED 19 health line services. Bought more people. “

However, on one occasion yesterday, a caller was told to wait 50 minutes to talk to someone.

To evacuate the health line, people are being urged to check the Ministry of Health’s website for places of interest.

They can check the health point to find out where to get the test.


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