Real milk Temaro resumed production after fears of another Listeria.

Real Milk Temaro's storeware is happy to resume production, and Coved 19 is moving to Alert Level 3.  (File photo)

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Real Milk Temaro’s storeware is happy to resume production, and Coved 19 is moving to Alert Level 3. (File photo)

Earlier this month, not enough hot water was detected in real milk Temaro due to fears of Listeria.

“We’ve fixed it by adding extra hot water cylinders to take care of any potential hazards,” said Steve Weir, who runs the business with his wife, Andrea Weir.

“We got a lot of help from technicians who tested the whole plant.”

Raw milk producers at Fairview RD on the outskirts of Temaro were shut down on August 14 after the Ministry of Basic Industries advised them to return certain batches of non-pasteurized drinking milk after the discovery of Listeria. Is calling

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All clear was given last week and Real Milk resumed its non-pasteurized milk online on Thursday and through home delivery around South Canterbury.

Five consecutive days of clear tests were required before business could resume, although a vending machine could not be reopened due to Alert Level 4 Cove 19 restrictions.

“It was so stressful for us that two Listeria spread in such a short time,” Weir said.

“We spent a lot of money on a new shed and plant, and it wasn’t what we expected.”

Listeria’s last fear occurred on June 17 when the business closed and resumed on June 23.

The cause of the outbreak was found in an auto-drain from the milk line, Veer said.

“It’s a normal business for us. Guy doesn’t know it’s a coveted business. Our store will be fully open on Wednesday under Level 3.

The real milk herd of the virus included 220 plus 15 cows that provided milk for Fonterra.

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