‘You’ve got the wrong man’: What is it like to be detained at gunpoint outside your own home?

Another lockdown on a manager’s East Road earlier this month came as police tried to apprehend two men with firearms. And an innocent passerby got caught up in the commotion.

His house is on HENWOOD ROAD in TIMOTHÉE MATARIKI MANGERE.  (Photo: Justin Latif)

Timothy Matariki outside his home on Menger on Hanwood Road.
Image: LDR / Justin Latif


Timothy Matariki gets up for another day of taxi driving. He completes two trips in his white Toyota Prius. Before going home, he stops at a post office, does some banking and buys a 710ml bottle of V.

2.30 p.m.

The 37-year-old man pulls over a grassy field outside his place in Manager East and notices that more than a dozen police officers are walking down his street.

Her mother, with whom she has shared her Hanwood Road home for the past 32 years, is on the front lawn to try to figure out what the fuss is about. Thinking he should take his dog inside, with no indication of what he’s about to open, he walks out the back door of his house.

“I go out, look up and there are several policemen at my back door with guns, telling me to put my hands up,” he recalls. “We know who you’re with, we know who’s in your house,” he says. Equipped with only a bottle of V, he tells the police that he must have gone to the wrong place.

“I’m wondering what’s going on? Then I was told to open the back door and when I came upstairs they pushed me to the ground, spread my arms and legs and started kicking me down.” Take the guns to me. “

Despite having GPS logs, it shows where he had been driving all day and at the same time a dashcam in the car was tracking his movements, then Matariki was on the road for questioning. Was taken

Her sister tries to call her when she is being taken away. “Then they snatched my phone from me and the next minute two policemen came and said we need to arrest this man, we think he is involved and that’s why he tried to use his phone.” Is.”

Matariki is asked about his relationship with another offender, who is trapped in the backyard of his neighbor’s house. “It just got worse. He said, ‘Don’t talk nonsense, we know you’re with someone else.’

“And I said, ‘I don’t know him from the soap bar. I’ve never seen him in my life and there are only two of us who live in this house.’

Matariki raises his voice, urging the officers to do their job properly because “you have found the wrong man”.

He says he was handcuffed for more than an hour, while his neighbors began taking pictures and sharing the incident on social media.

4 o’clock

Matariki says an officer eventually released him after saying, “He knew I wasn’t involved, but he was hot.” [the Armed Offenders Squad] Think they know what’s better. “

Reflecting, Matariki wonders if the police would have taken a heavier approach if they had lived in another suburb. “I think they took a biased approach to the situation but I don’t know how it happened. It felt pretty intense, and the weapons were added – it could have been a lot worse.”

This experience has made him very worried about whether this could happen again. Although she has heard “not much” from Victim Support, she has been helped by a local community organization, Manager Connect.

Mangir Connect coordinator Tony Hallor says recent gun-related incidents have upset everyone in the area and he hopes more steps will be taken to help those unintentionally affected by the situation. can.

“The police did what they had to do, but they confessed to us that they really had no action to help people involved in such an incident.”

Police told Helver that they were reviewing the process.

In a written statement, White Mate Police Detective Inspector Kevin McInton said he has since apologized to Matariki, but that the incident is “progressing extremely fast … where severe for our community and police personnel.” There was danger. “

“While clearing the address of interest and searching for criminals and firearms, a man entered the address. He was briefly detained, and then it was immediately established that he was not involved in the situation. And he was released. Arrested. “

A gun was eventually recovered and the two perpetrators of the incident are now facing charges and the case is before the courts.

Matariki is driving a taxi back, VP, and despite some sleep, thinking about what might happen at night, he feels some relief that he was at the scene for his mother.

“I was lucky to come home when I had warmth for my mother.

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