19: Nelson almost doubles vaccination target in one week.

Nelson’s area is proving to be a more challenging one, with the goal of doubling last week’s 12,800 vaccines nearly doubling.

It has been more than a week since the Trafalgar Center opened its doors as a central coveted mass vaccination site, aimed at stopping 2,000 people a day.

During the seven days between August 23 and August 29, all sites found in Nelson Tasman vaccinated 25,206 people.

He said he was pleased to report that the community has done a great job in prioritizing vaccination.

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As of August 30, 96,462 had been vaccinated (67 per cent of the population over 12), with 34,562 (37 per cent) both doses, he said.

Of these numbers, 12 to 14 year olds are 1539 and 15 to 19 year olds are 2733.

More than 30,200 people have so far been sold in Nelson Tasman for the vaccine.

Charlotte Etherge, general manager of Nelson Base Primary Health at Primary Care, said it helped open up many areas for Pfizer vaccines throughout the area, including several pharmacies, three medical practices, outreach clinics and the entire region. Includes drive thrushes.

“We have enough clinics that give patients a lot of options.”

Nelson Bays Primary Health Charlotte Etherg says she was over 12 years old when she was vaccinated.

Braden Foster / Staff

Nelson Bays Primary Health Charlotte Etherg says she is seeing “a lot” of people over the age of 12 receiving the vaccine.

Ethereum said the Trafalgar Center at Paro Paro RD will remain open until at least the weekend, to allow people to take advantage of lockdowns and outings, with walk-ins and bookings.

“It’s a chance to get some fresh air and stretch your legs.”

He said many caregivers are taking their wanaw with them.

“We have just received a very good response from the Twins. Many of them are interested in turning the Trafalgar Center into a vaccination site. It’s been really cool. “

There was a “really nice atmosphere” at the center, and the nurses were enjoying it, he said.

Since opening on August 23, 25,206 people have been passing through its doors for the Pfizer vaccine.

Braden Foster / Things.

Since opening on August 23, 25,206 people have been passing through its doors for the Pfizer vaccine.

The nurses are working hard because they are “committed to the cause,” he said.

Etheridge said the Cowed Testing Centers (CTCs) are no longer in place, the Sexton Field site is closing on Tuesday and Motovika is closing last Thursday because the need for them has dwindled.

He said they have been put into hibernation, which means they will be ready to activate within a few hours if needed.

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