2 Rivers Remix: “We’re here right now!” Local Music Invitation / Fundraiser Series

2 Rivers Remix returns with a free 3-day streaming feast / fundraising concert celebrating Turtle Island’s local artists – Saturday, September 4 to Monday, September 6.

The 2 Rivers Remix Society (2RMX) has announced the fourth annual Feast of Contemporary Local Music – a 3-day virtual streaming feast featuring more than 33 local performances. Notable artists include: Polaris Award winning Lido Paymenta with his Afro / Indigenous / Colombian punk / folk artist, Digging Roots, Juno winning folk rocker; North star Leila Gulde hip hop pioneer Kanye star Sean Cash, CBC 2020 Searchlight winner and Amanda Rewom, Canadian Folk Music Award of the Year Aboriginal Songwriter.

After the June 30 fire that engulfed the village of Tl’Kemstin / Lytton (including the 2RMX live festival site and office), “We’re here now!” The online invitation will raise funds to help Nlaka’pamux / Lytton Fire Evacuees (donate to Under our ongoing theme Decolonize 2.0, 2RMX 2021 is reminiscent of 1911 in which the heads of 8 local nations presented a monument to the Federal Minister of the Interior, Frank Oliver, expressing grave concerns over the theft of their lands, culture and rights. ” BC “” Government. Efforts are being made to eradicate indigenous culture, as evidenced by the confirmation of the graves of thousands of indigenous children in Indian residential schools in Canada.

On Sunday, September 6, from 4pm / PDT to 8pm / PDT, 2RMX presents a special live series featuring Grammy-nominated local North American (NNA) projects (volunteering with Nature and Toronto’s Little World Music). Co-produced). NNA artists are legendary country musicians, including: first Desi Juno Award winners Lawrence Martin, Willie Mitchell and Willie Thursher. The North American gathering will pay tribute to NNA artist Willie Dunn, then a local musician / filmmaker / activist who will turn 80 this year. For more information and to register Goto.

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