As it happened: houses were flooded, people got stuck in cars as wild weather hit Auckland.

People fled with at least 200 mm of rain to rescue “massive” floodwaters in parts of western Auckland.

Homes were flooded and people had to be rescued from their vehicles. Emergency services have responded to 370 calls for help.

Kamio’s main road and many of its shops are under water, houses have been damaged and cars are under water.

Guy Visharat, chairperson of the Low Rate Peers Association, said. From nine to noon. The speed of the flood was so catastrophic that he could not get out of his house.

NMWA meteorologist Ben Knoll said the camouflage experienced its second wettest day on record, with 149% of normal August monthly rainfall in a single day. The record in the region dates back to 1943.

Gary Fenley, who lives in Henderson Valley, said. Morning report. He woke up shortly after midnight and about a meter of water came up to the house and under it. “It’s like a wave that comes on the road and carries logs with it,” Fanley said. “It was terrible,” he said.

How it came to be:


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