Bike lanes reopened, but riders warned to stay safe.

Mountain biking trails in Nelson and Tasman will reopen on Thursday as recreation rules make Alert Level 3 a little easier.

Touring cyclists who ride at night are said to be endangering people.

Riders are being warned not to take risks and potentially increase emergency services.
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Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese said it’s an opportunity for Nelson residents to go on a ride, but they must respect Alert Level 3 restrictions.

Contractors will inspect the trails tomorrow to ensure they are safe and a physical distance of 2 meters can be maintained.

Mayor Reese said it is important to keep others in mind, to stay within your boundaries and to avoid taking risks that could lead to salvation.

“A mountain biker crashed in Queenstown this weekend and police and ambulance crews were involved in a two-hour rescue for several hours,” he said.

Our emergency services have already been expanded due to the lockdown, and if something like this happens here, it will take time for the emergency staff who may need it elsewhere.

Tasman District Council Mayor Tim King also urged people to take a safety first approach.

“We cannot repeat that your entertainment is not a threat to anyone else. Stay within your limits, return it for a short period of time if possible. Especially in more remote areas. “

Dr. Nick Baker, chief medical officer at Nelson Marlborough Health, said riders should be careful.

“Try to avoid injuries that put pressure on the health system. This means that even experienced riders should use the known track,” he said.

“Stay on the sidewalks near your home. If you need to be rescued from a remote location, you put people who come to your aid at risk.

“Even mountain bikers should not gather in groups outside of their bubbles, so as to limit the danger to others, and wear masks.”


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