‘Brooks’ job sees golfer Bryson de Chambeau exploding on a standing fan

Bryson de Chambeau lost six hole playoffs, both mentally and physically, wasting numerous chances to win the BMW Championship and was on the verge of exiting when a huge fan shouted, “A lot. Good job Brookie! “

After losing to Patrick Cantley, after 24 fan holes along this line, it was the last straw – as he walked down the hill toward the clubhouse.

“Halfway up the hill, something happened that made me feel like we’ve reached a miserable place in a never-ending circus called De Chambeu.” ESPN’s Kevin Van Walkenberg reports Said.

Bryson de Chambeau reacted after a pot disappeared in the BMW Championship.

Nick Vass / AP

Bryson de Chambeau reacted after a pot disappeared in the BMW Championship.

“A guardian waited until de Chambeo left, but he wasn’t out of the ear, then laughed over the rope line.” Great job Brookie! De Chambeu turned around angrily and briefly started walking towards her.

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De Chambeo turned around and started walking towards the culprit.

Brooks Kopka says he will have no problem playing with Bryson de Chambeau in the Ryder Cup, despite mutual dislike.

“You know what?” (Explosive) Take it out! ” “There was anger in his eyes,” de Chambeau wrote in Van Walkenberg.

He then asked a police officer to intervene. The incident occurred in less than 10 seconds.

“Brookie” refers to former World No. 1 Brooks Kopka, who has been in a personal feud with De Chambeo for two years.. Net result: De Chambeo received a barrage of “Brookie” comments from fans throughout the tournament.

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