Can Hate Speech Laws Stop the Wave of Hate: Examining Bill C-36?

In June, the federal government introduced Bill 36 to amend hate speech provisions in the Criminal Code and to reinstate the ban on hate speech in the Canadian Human Rights Act. Join an expert panel to find out if these legal measures are appropriate for hate work in Canada.

Co-sponsors: Edmonton Public Library, Milton Public Library, Pan Canada, Thunder Bay Public Library, Toronto Public Library, Vancouver Public Library, World Press Freedom Canada


Faisal Bhabha, Associate Professor, Former Vice Chair at Osgood Hall Law School, Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Anna Chadha, Outgoing Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Richard Moon, a distinguished university law professor, author of the 2008 CHRA report on Windsor University and the rules for hate speech on the Internet

Moderator: Cara Zweibel, Director, Fundamental Freedoms Program, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

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This is a free event and no registration is required.

Please contact [email protected] if you need accommodation to ensure participation in this event.

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